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Alt-West (Hard Right) Manifesto

The Alt-West is an alternative to the currently effeminate, impotent, cowering, post-Christian Western Civilisation. We are not Alt-Right because the term Alt-Right was coined by a Neo-Nazi LARPer and we consider such people to be anti-civilisational as well as unintelligent.

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The Messy End Of Globalism

It may be only the beginning of supply chain disruptions: Apple shares fell over 3% in pre-market trade on Tuesday after it warned that it does not expect to meet its own


The Tactical Evolution of Cavalry

Editor’s note: The following is extracted from Cavalry Combat (Cavalry School of the United States Army, published 1937). As a preliminary to the discussion of cavalry combat of small units engaged in


Urban Ignorance

When folks think of ignorant people, they generally think of the rural. It’s always some small town kid that’s never left the county he was born in that first pops into your

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