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Keanu Reeves – Gen X Icon

Lately, I have been doing quite a bit of reading about generations. Specifically, I have read Strauss and Howe’s The 4th Turning, 13th Gen, and Gordinier’s X Saves the World. Also, there is a fine website that gives an overview

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Is The USA Worth Saving?

If you think the country is really worth saving, perhaps you should take a moment to glimpse through this list of government agencies to which you are currently beholden: Department of Agriculture


Left Steals Designs?

From our buddies over at Crypto.Fashion: So one of our designs for Vox Day appeared on Jimmy Kimmel…which was being guest hosted by Pete Buttigieg. We are all laughing out loud. Get yours today!


Should You Vote?

I’ve been checking out the online intelligentsia lately and there seems to be a consensus among them that it is now cool to not vote. These folks don’t think of themselves as

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