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Back when my oldest son was little, his grandparents sent him a Christmas movie, and watching it with him, I got to

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Modern Art Is Crap

If everything is art, then nothing is. All the great art of Western Civilization rests on the same underlying principle: through hard work, inspiration, and commitment to his craft, the artist produces a work that connects the human to the

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Merch Special – BOGO

Our buddies at Crypto.Fashion are running a special. Buy any MOTW shirt, get a free Reticle Cross Patch. Take advantage of this great offer. Seriously, we have some great shirts. Go check


Left Steals Designs?

From our buddies over at Crypto.Fashion: So one of our designs for Vox Day appeared on Jimmy Kimmel…which was being guest hosted by Pete Buttigieg. We are all laughing out loud. Get yours today!


Shirts, Mugs, and more

For Shirts, Caps, Patches, Click Here. For Mugs, Click Here. We have never really been intent on pushing our merchandise all the time. We know that can get tiresome. At the same

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