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Alt-West (Hard Right) Manifesto

The Alt-West is an alternative to the currently effeminate, impotent, cowering, post-Christian Western Civilisation. We are not Alt-Right because the term Alt-Right was coined by a Neo-Nazi LARPer and we consider such people to be anti-civilisational as well as unintelligent.

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"The Finders' Keepers"

Sometimes, it’s difficult to grasp what we are fighting for and what we are fighting against. This isn’t one of those times. Brian Niemeier: “I’ve warned that the Death Cult has started coming


MOTW Were Right (Again)

Over the past three years, we have discussed the charade that is GlobalWarming/ClimateChange/ComingIceAge/GreatGotFamous. Really, you can see our earlier posts in places like this, and this, and this, and this. So imagine


Reason #438 Why the US is Doomed

…because even those who believe they fight for less government intervention pay homage to a bloodthirsty, tyrannical despot. Reminds me of celebrations of Castro’s revolution or the old Soviet October Revolution Day.

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