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Heart of Darkness: A Journey into The Stranger’s Mind

by Flavius Flav and Rooster “And this also,” said Marlow suddenly, “has been one of the dark places of the earth.”                         – Joseph Conrad, “Heart of Darkness” The modern Left is nearly infallible in producing the opposite of its claimed desires. So when an article in The Stranger claims to be about “A liberal snowflake gets to know gun culture from the inside,” you might predict that “gun culture gets to know a liberal snowflake from the inside” would be the actual result. Dawg, you have no idea. The story itself is a bit of a journey, which...

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Lying To Law Enforcement

RE: Michael Flynn – Why Would a Person Lie to Law Enforcement About Actions that Weren’t Otherwise Illegal? A number of people are asking why Michael Flynn would have lied to the FBI if he hadn’t committed any other crimes in his contacts with Russia and other related issues.  And on its face, the question seems reasonable enough – if the truth won’t result in you going to jail, then why not just spit it out?  Surely Flynn’s lying to the FBI is PROOF that he committed other crimes… and this means he’s about to roll on President Trump...

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The Problem With Group Identity Politics

Prologue: I was recently having a personal message conversation with a friend of another race. My friend was complaining about increasing amounts of racism in the country since Trump took office. Which got me thinking. And writing. Below is a version of my response to my friend edited for a general audience. ——————— America and every other country have always had problems. As some of them change or disappear, others arise. Racism has been a common one of the problems throughout history, but it’s hardly the only one. Many of the problems can be traced back to the human...

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Transgenders Threaten Female Sports

World Net Daily recently published an article[1] titled Female Athletes Crushed By ‘Women Who Were Once Men’.  The article documents a number of instances in which biologically male transgenders  have been allowed to compete in women’s events and, in some cases, have already begun winning.  The two most notable examples are: “Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who was born a man, won the Australian international women’s competition March 19.  Hubbard, 39, lifted 591 pounds, nearly 20 pounds more than the woman who won the silver medal…” “Transgender cyclist Jillian Bearden, a 36-year-old biological male and Colorado Springs native, won the...

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Don’t Talk to Law Enforcement

(Disclaimer: The content of this article is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice to any person. You should contact your own personal attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. You should consult and KNOW the laws in your jurisdiction before taking or abstaining from any action related to a police stop or arrest. Reading this article and accessing any of the links contained in the article do not create an attorney-client relationship between the author and the reader. The opinions expressed in this article are the expressly...

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Purpose and Mission

Men of The West seeks to clarify the issues of the day and build a community of like minded men who worship Jesus Christ. To unify them across Christendom to steel them against the barbarians who are either at the gates, or already inside them. We will celebrate, defend, and expand Western Civilization and the values and traditions that created it.

There is no substitute for victory.

We are the Hard Right.