Author: Flannel Avenger

The Moral Bankruptcy of the United States Senate

The whole Roy Moore fiasco has turned into a full blown knock down drag out fight.  Everybody knows that Mitch McConnell really wanted Luther Strange to keep that Senate seat.  And the ensuing politics has gotten dirty.  We have had just about every member of the Senate GOP caucus line up to withdraw their support from Roy Moore and lecture us on the high ethical standard that one must maintain in order to be a United States Senator.  Please, hold your laughter.  Even if every rotten story that has come out about Roy Moore is true, that would only...

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The Real Reason Take a Knee Is A Problem

There has been a lot of digital ink spilled over the past couple of days regarding the NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.  There’s clearly a lot of people that are very offended by it, but this article isn’t going to be about that directly.  Sure, it was the intent of Colin Kaepernick to do something that many people would find exceedingly vexing to draw attention to his cause (which was the whole Black Lives Matter movement, but that has also been lost in the whole kerfluffle).  The First Amendment says that the government can’t make...

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Know Your Enemies: The March Against Communism Trap

Editors Note:  This article is going to cite some websites that are Not Safe For Work.  The links here are ok, but the sites that they reference can get you into trouble.  You have been warned It has come to our attention via a tweet from Tara McCarthy that there is a “March Against Communism” set for December 28 in Charlotte, NC.  If this sounds familiar, it should.   The Idiot Richard Spencer is involved just like the Charlottesville Fiasco.  If you need a refresher, please start with our Thoughts A Week After Charlottesville.  This is the same kind of...

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On Racism in America

In my previous post, I noted that the terms Racist and Racism are getting thrown around so much that they have have lost their meaning.  We have entire groups of people being labeled as racist simply for not falling all over themselves to declare themselves horrible people for the sins of their ancestors.  As I pointed out last time, none of this does anything to help blacks in America – in fact, it causes whites to be resentful because they are being maligned for things that they themselves have never done.  You might say that Southerners have been… racially...

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Virtue Signaling Run Amuck

Virtue signalling is the conspicuous expression of moral values by an individual done primarily with the intent of enhancing that person’s standing within a social group. The term was first used in signalling theory, to describe any behavior that could be used to signal virtue – especially piety among the political or religious faithful. Since 2015, the term has become more commonly used as a pejorative characterization by commentators to criticize what they regard as the platitudinous, empty, or superficial support of certain political views, and also used within groups to criticize their own members for valuing outward appearance...

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Purpose and Mission

Men of The West seeks to clarify the issues of the day and build a community of like minded men who worship Jesus Christ. To unify them across Christendom to steel them against the barbarians who are either at the gates, or already inside them. We will celebrate, defend, and expand Western Civilization and the values and traditions that created it.

There is no substitute for victory.

We are the Hard Right.