Author: Chuck Martel

So Goes The Nation (The Brandeis Gambit)

Once upon a time, a parenthetical patrician in a black robe imparted a nugget of knowledge that, at the time, seemed to flatter the progenitors of a particular brand of civic nationalism that bedevils us to this day: “[A] state may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.” — Associate Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, 1932 Since it was written, this opinion has laid the groundwork for many destructive forms of progressive misadventure, in stark contrast to its superficial nod to states’ rights (not...

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A Chronicle Of Our Decline — Part 1

See Part 0 here. With the exception of conquest and other foreign pressures, no civic order of sound fiscal foundation has ever eroded into oblivion. A sound economic system is integral to the life and longevity of a civilization. This is not news. While a diminishing economic system will not necessarily be THE cause of civic degradation, it often contributes to it in the same way that a sound economy does a lot of the heavy lifting toward staving off such a decline. The danger comes, though, when “wealth” is conflated with “sound economic system.” The two are not...

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Pikeville Demasks Antifa

In response to Antifa threats of violence at an upcoming rally, the Pikeville City Commission has passed an emergency ordinance to demask Antifa agitators within the city limits: “Because of the rally and because of a lot of social media wording, reports and rumors out there and also there are now counter protest groups that are coming in looking at the possibility of inciting a riot or violence and to disguise their identity. So for the benefit of public welfare and safety the Commission elected to pass a model ordinance tonight that would prohibit somebody from wearing a mask...

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A Chronicle Of Our Decline — Part 0

We know the West is in a state of marked decline. No one with eyes denies this. When the history of our time and place is written in the decades to come, if tomorrow’s historians are anywhere close to as lazy as today’s, much of the story will fall by the wayside. It will be a simple task to dismiss the decline and eventual rebirth as the transient oscillations of cyclical civilizational tides. It will be tempting and frighteningly simple to equate the events that transpired between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 21st centuries...

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Pleading The Twenty-Fifth

As we approach Month Two of the Trump Presidency, a couple of facts are starkly clear; our enemy is coming unhinged, and existing as the hopeless rabbits they are, the idea that they will have to do anything themselves is completely foreign to their feeble and impoverished imaginations. From baseless recounts to faithless electors to paid street agitprop to Russian hacking to impeachment to military juntas to Deep State coups to impeachment (again), the rabbits have had one Hell of a magic carpet ride since the first week of November. A few of these deep thinkers, apparently forced to...

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