Author: Chuck Martel

A Chronicle Of Our Decline — Part 0

We know the West is in a state of marked decline. No one with eyes denies this. When the history of our time and place is written in the decades to come, if tomorrow’s historians are anywhere close to as lazy as today’s, much of the story will fall by the wayside. It will be a simple task to dismiss the decline and eventual rebirth as the transient oscillations of cyclical civilizational tides. It will be tempting and frighteningly simple to equate the events that transpired between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 21st centuries...

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Pleading The Twenty-Fifth

As we approach Month Two of the Trump Presidency, a couple of facts are starkly clear; our enemy is coming unhinged, and existing as the hopeless rabbits they are, the idea that they will have to do anything themselves is completely foreign to their feeble and impoverished imaginations. From baseless recounts to faithless electors to paid street agitprop to Russian hacking to impeachment to military juntas to Deep State coups to impeachment (again), the rabbits have had one Hell of a magic carpet ride since the first week of November. A few of these deep thinkers, apparently forced to...

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Over The Wall And Far Away

Despite the continued hysterics of the punditariat classes wetting themselves about the descending anti-immigrant Gestapos carting away those who don’t belong here, we in fact do not have to be “anti” immigrant to make the West great again. Our esteemed Editor-in-Chief has one of the best ideas on the subject I’ve ever heard, a way to deal with the immigration problem that all sides should be happy with, that will even provide a pathway to citizenship for the dedicated immigrants that really want it. It is an idea so simple, so perfect, that I’m disappointed with myself for not...

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