Author: Hugh Glass

Governor of the Virgin Islands Orders Violation of the Constitution

The governor of the Virgin Islands has ordered the siezure of guns in preparation for huricane Irma. The commander of the national guard has authorized and directed the National Guard to sieze guns and ammo.  Are there any rights that the government will not violate at will? How do these citizens get their property back? Who will defend them after their own government leaves them defensless? The people who were illegally disarmed during the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina know the answer to all of these questions.   Kenneth Map (@GovernorMapp) is a Republican. Democrats are usually up front about...

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Exhibit B

Minnesota Schools told to stop using gender pronouns. [Editor’s Note: Yes, we know the correct word is “sex,” rather than “gender.” We are simply using the term that is being addressed in the article.] It appears the State of Minnesota is buying into the transgender nonsense completely. Is this what you want your child exposed to? Ladies and Gentlemen*,  I believe this is more serious than not knowing what restroom to use. This represents the death of our society if it goes unopposed. The family is the smallest unit of our culture. Destroy the family, you destroy the west....

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Exhibit A

In a previous post, I warned people not to trust others to teach your kids. This is why. “My wickedness, you see. It knows no bounds.” They are not there to teach teach your children how to read, write, or solve math problems. They want to poison their minds with their homosexual agenda. The author hints at a more sinister agenda: “….and that if you’re kind to us and behave yourself well there’s a better than even chance you can get an invitation to brunch. “ There are many fronts to the culture war. Compared to this one, the...

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From the Peanut Gallery

Mixed bag, as I see it, on Trump’s presidency recently. I’m not sure what is going on with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It isn’t like Trump has never said the words “You’re fired.” before. If Trump wants to fire him, why beat around the bush? The acrimony sounds a little too great for Sessions to still have a job. So it’s possible that this is a misdirection and they have something up their sleeve. If Trump does want to fire him, it is for the wrong reasons. Sessions should be fired for his support of the unconstitutional practice of...

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Don’t Rely On Others To Teach Your Kids

In the United States we rely on other people for most of our living. At Men of the West, we favor providing for yourself if you can. It’s okay to buy your meat at the store, but you should know how to kill and butcher a deer, just in case. There is one thing that you shouldn’t trust others to do for you. That is teach your children. It is best to homeschool. We recommend homeschooling, even if you have to make some sacrifices to do it. Of course, it isn’t possible for everyone. I may have to put...

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