Author: Milo of Croton

Saving France

By the time this article is published, France will have started deciding the future of their country. The islamization of France is almost complete; this will be France’s last opportunity to peacefully expel the Saracen raiders. A French coworker will be voting in Sunday’s election, and I’ve spend the better half of two weeks talking to him at length about his vote, and the future of France. “Pierre”, as we’ll call him here, emigrated 4 years ago from Avignon, and has rapidly assimilated. He’s taken English lessons, has made friends that solely speak English and returned to his Christian...

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Man Up and Get a Grip: Supporting Grip

Of the three types of grip: crushing, supporting and pinching; supporting grip is the easiest to train in theory and practice. Supporting grip is the ability of the hand to hang on to an implement. It is almost entirely dependent on finger strength. This is a universally important ability whether you’re a mom carrying groceries to the car, or an avid golfer. Many deadlifts have been lost at the last second before the judge gives the down signal, or more importantly firearms dislodged from the users’ hand in a violent confrontation. Again, it is of the utmost importance for...

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Man Up and Get a Grip: Crushing Grip

How many times have you shook another man’s hand, and made a judgment call on his character? In western countries, the firm handshake is preferred, and often those who rank higher on the socio-sexual hierarchy take this to another level. Those with weak handshakes enter into a meeting, or negotiations, at a disadvantage. Crushing grip is the ability to apply force in the handshake motion. As I mentioned in my previous article, those who use their hands for a living in manual labor often have powerful crushing grips, but these men are becoming more and more rare. Innovations in...

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Beast Life: Man Up and Get a Grip

Editor’s Note: Beast Life author, Donner Schwanze, is shifting focus to more current events. Another Man of the West, Milo of Croton, will take over the Beast Life series. We think you will appreciate his insights and suggestions for developing your physical abilities. An Introduction to Grip Strength Both of my grandfathers were farmers. One was the son of Czech immigrants, and the other the descendants of Irish settlers. These men were as different as two men could be. The Czech was a kind but stoic person, a large man who shunned attention, and crowds. He was cerebral man...

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