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As we come into the 2020 elections and the polls are a mess and nobody really knows what’s going to happen on the evening of November 3rd, we are sitting here looking towards a glorious Trumpslide.

This naturally brings us to the question of what comes next? Many people naturally assume that Mike Pence gets his crack at the White House then. And while Pence has many fine qualities, the greatest choice to continue Making America Great Again is none other than Donald Trump – Junior.

Let’s start with the obvious. Don Jr’s Twitter game. The man has certainly got his dad’s flair with Twitter. And I would argue – he’s probably more effective on social media than his dad, even using Instagram regularly. It was revealed in his book that President Trump told Don Jr to tone it down on Twitter because Mueller’s Minions were going to come after him.

Which brings us to how the Democrats went after Don Jr to try to pressure the President. Donald Trump Jr has already faced off against the communists and won. And he was so eager to fight them that even President Trump tried to get him to back off. And after all that, be sure to check out this video and watch Don Jr effortlessly shred Hunter Biden.

If, ascending to the Presidency at age 71, President Trump has been as effective as he has, how could Don Jr, at age 47, not come in ready to bulldoze the swamp?

Don Jr not only has already faced off against the communists trying to neuter the United States and won, but he’s suffered at their hands. He’s been subject to great personal loss. While wanting to keep his private life private, it’s not too hard to see the results of some of the challenges he’s already faced. He’s a father of 5 kids. And in February 2018 his (then) wife Vanessa opened up a letter that contained Anthrax and had to be taken to the hospital. One month later, we see the stories about Vanessa divorcing him. Whatever other problems there were in the marriage, and there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, it’s pretty clear that those sorts of attacks caused the end of his marriage.

But not only has Don. Jr faced personal loss, attacks meant to destroy him, and come out ahead of them all, but we learn from the divorce story above that he is notoriously frugal. Thrift and frugality aren’t character flaws. They are virtues. They are a solid basis for a sound economy. If you look at the Trump hotels, you can tell that they aren’t cheap. They don’t cut corners. But being thrifty and frugal are absolutely critical if you want to build wealth for future generations. And it’s clear that we need a man who knows how to manage money to bulldoze Washington DC.

As incredible as Donald Trump has been as President, there is one man who is clearly capable of exceeding Donald Trump’s high marks and incredible achievements. And that man, is Donald Trump…. Junior.

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  1. And he has a killer instinct that is too tempered in his father by a desire to make a deal. Don Jr. wouldn’t just drain the swamp, he’d fill it in and salt the earth.

  2. Yes, indeed! Truthfully, Don Jr is the only person I have been able to identify who has both the ability to get elected to the presidency AND the same instincts as President Donald John Trump.

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