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April 2017

Westernize Your Leisure Time

April 29, 2017
Editor’s Note: We offer another post by our friend, Jaspar Thorsson. A newly married young man, Jaspar is truly a Man of the West. Recently a friend of mine was having a

Get a Grip: The Pinch Grip

April 28, 2017
The pinch grip is probably the least glamorous of the three grip types. Please refer back to my previous grip articles here, here and here. Among grip experts, the consensus is that

On Being Underestimated

April 27, 2017
I am a product of my raising, as we all are. Like most people, I am multifaceted. I have personality quirks. Some might find me a bit strange. I don’t mind at

Caesar and the Pirates

April 27, 2017
Editor’s Note:  The following is excerpted from Plutarch’s Life of Caesar (Dryden’s translation as revised by A. H. Clough, published 1905). After Sylla became master of Rome, he wished to make Caesar

Even in Portland…

April 26, 2017
In Portland, Oregon, known as one of the more liberal cities in the country, AntiFa has decided to make their execrable presence known: For more than a decade, 82nd Avenue of Roses
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