Month: May 2017

Leftists are weak

In other news, water is wet: A new study from Brunel University London found that physically weaker men are more apt to believe in socialist policies, such as redistribution of wealth. Meanwhile, stronger men are more geared to believe in the capitalist concepts, such as the idea that people should keep what you earn. Brunel University academics studied 171 men aged 18 – 40, examining their overall physical strength, bicep circumference, weight, and height. They also noted the amount of time each individual spent at a gym, and examined these variables in light of whether they subscribed more to capitalist or socialist...

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The World As It Is

The GOP candidate for House from Montana kicked a liberal journalist’s ass. Bravo. While some might prefer more refinement in their candidates, at this point, what difference does it make? I certainly don’t recommend electing a Democrat just because the GOP candidate is a little too aggressive. Paul Ryan, milquetoast as ever, signals his disapproval, but is not willing to do anything about it. That sums up the entirely useless Republican Party. Perhaps a little more aggression is just what we need. Arianna Grande’s show went off with a bang. Of course, we can blame the usual suspects. She offered to...

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Laid Off

You are getting laid off. Those are words no one wants to hear. Your job, for one reason or another, is going away. It could be that that you are simply shown the door, or you are given some time before it ends. In my case, I’ve been given thirty days, and a severance package. So I know I’m lucky on that instance and not everyone is so fortunate. It’s a tough thing to not be able to provide, and it’s something that can affect us men deeply. Providing for our families is just innate and a deeply seated...

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Boadicea, the Heroine of Britain

Editor’s Note:  The following account is taken from Historical Tales, by Charles Morris (published 1896).   Prasutagus, the king of the Icenians, a tribe of the ancient Britons, had amassed much wealth in the course of a long reign.  On his death, in order to secure the favor of the Romans, now masters of the island, he left half his wealth by will to the emperor and half to his two daughters.  This well-judged action of the barbarian king did not have the intended effect.  No sooner was he dead than the Romans in the vicinity claimed the whole...

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Never Give Up

There are times when everything, and I mean everything, seems to be conspiring against you. When everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve sweat and bled for doesn’t seem to make a lick of difference in the face of the uncaring universe. When you’ve given it everything and you are still in dead last. When it looks like everyone is better, faster, stronger than you are and the only thing you are going to do is eat their dust. You dig in. You lay it all out. You do your best to stay in the damn race, no matter how...

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Purpose and Mission

Men of The West seeks to clarify the issues of the day and build a community of like minded men who worship Jesus Christ. To unify them across Christendom to steel them against the barbarians who are either at the gates, or already inside them. We will celebrate, defend, and expand Western Civilization and the values and traditions that created it.

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