Month: September 2017

What Can I Do?

Back in February, I wrote an article that talked about getting off the keyboard and into the real world. While some folks did not care for the title, the content was fairly well received. The point was that it is easy to comment on blogs, read articles and whine, and generally lament the sorry condition  of Western Culture. Those are all first steps, but we we need to actually do something. Since then, in various conversations in the comments on multiple posts, folks have asked things like “yeah, fine, but what are some tangible things I can do right...

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Conduct Unbecoming

Spencer Rapone, a recent graduate of West Point, has promoted communism while in uniform. He raised his fist in a black power gesture, and wrote “communism will win” on the inside of his hat. He also wore a Che Guevara T-shirt under his uniform and has been promoting communism around the internet under the Twitter handle @punkproletarian. (Tweets are protected, and no longer visible) This wasn’t a very smart move, and the news got back to the right people. He’s under investigation. His own father has denounced him: “It’s my belief when he returned back from Afghanistan there was a...

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The Real Reason Take a Knee Is A Problem

There has been a lot of digital ink spilled over the past couple of days regarding the NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.  There’s clearly a lot of people that are very offended by it, but this article isn’t going to be about that directly.  Sure, it was the intent of Colin Kaepernick to do something that many people would find exceedingly vexing to draw attention to his cause (which was the whole Black Lives Matter movement, but that has also been lost in the whole kerfluffle).  The First Amendment says that the government can’t make...

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Purpose and Mission

Men of The West seeks to clarify the issues of the day and build a community of like minded men who worship Jesus Christ. To unify them across Christendom to steel them against the barbarians who are either at the gates, or already inside them. We will celebrate, defend, and expand Western Civilization and the values and traditions that created it.

There is no substitute for victory.

We are the Hard Right.