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It’s official. The usurper has been installed in the White House. The great, elaborate Plan of the Q theorizers has not come to pass. Hillary Clinton is still running loose in the world. Nancy Pelosi is still going for regular treatments to her necromancer every Thursday. So, what do you do now?

Q Anons

If you were a Q true believer, we know it’s discouraging to see this happen. Your faith may have been misplaced, but your heart was in the right spot. Did you start prepping because of Q theory? Good. That will still serve you well. Are you growing a garden? That’s even better.

Throw out all the Q predictions. They’re not worth the digital space they take up. This site started in October of 2016, before the Glorious Trumpening. And we are still here. The only Plan we trust is God’s. Join with us.

MAGA Supporters

If you were glad to finally have somebody in Donald Trump who cared about you — who didn’t want to see your job offshored, to see your tax dollars thrown into stupid project after stupid project, to see your home towns gutted so that some rich guy in New York City could keep getting richer — where do you go now? The Republican Party has always been useless. They’ve only been effective when somebody like Reagan or Trump hijacked them. As you saw when Trump challenged some of the shenanigans from the 2020 election, most of the GOP wants nothing more than to go to their fancy soirees and collect that sweet lobbyist money.

The fight is not over but the fight has changed. We don’t know what Trump has planned. But knowing Trump, it’s probably going to be supporting or sabotaging politicians based on how they treated him. Or even worse, yet another harebrained scheme cooked up by Jared Kushner. You can wait to hear what comes out of Mar-a-Lago, but don’t trust the GOP establishment. Join with us.

Who Can You Trust?

As The X-Files famously said, Trust No One. Every single media organization has shown its bias. Fox News is dead — they died a traitor’s death. We are all going to have to be deeply skeptical of anybody, moving forward. The amazing speed at which they were able to bring Newsmax to heel was indeed something to behold. It doesn’t mean that these organizations will never do anything useful. It just means that they can no longer be trusted the way we once trusted them. In the coming months and years we are going to be looking very critically at these organizations. If you’re not familiar with the concept of Gatekeeping, you will soon learn. But the short answer is that by controlling places like Fox News the enemy is able to marginalize good men who should be leading the fight and instead prop up worthless lumps like Mitt Romney, who exists solely to lead us all to a noble slaughter.

Secure Your Comms

If you’re not using Signal for your texts, then start. Get off Facebook and Twitter as fast as you can. Some folks are stuck — they have to maintain Facebook pages and aren’t in a position to unilaterally delete them. In that case, lock down Facebook, only access it with Brave with the shields up.

Speaking of Brave, you should be using it as your primary web browser. Brendan Eich was deplatformed before deplatforming was cool. Mitchell Baker – the CEO of Mozilla wants to take deplatforming to the next level. Since this is their position, if you are still using Mozilla products you need to get away from them as fast as you can. What Mozilla did to Brendan Eich was inexcusable. And now they have shown themselves to be an enemy of the Open Web.

Learn to use Linux (or FreeBSD). Have a Linux (or BSD) machine on hand even if you wind up still being stuck in Windows for some things.

Ditch Apple. The iPhone is a walled garden. If they decide they don’t want you to see something they will simply toss it out and there’s nothing you can do about it. If they delete your Apple account your iMessages will quit working. Facetime likewise will not work. If you can’t bear to break away from the fruit cult, at least have a contingency in place for their sudden but inevitable betrayal.

If you’re on Android, make certain that you have a phone that can accept LineageOS. Much to my embarrassment and chagrin, I learned that my phone has a locked bootloader and cannot install LineageOS, which is the premier Android Open Source Project (AOSP) build. The version of Android that came on your phone is almost certainly full of Google spying. And the ability for Google to delete your Google account and wreak havoc on your communications is a legitimate danger.

The threat from Big Tech is real. It is even worse when you consider the deals that these tech companies have made with the Communist Chinese government in order to gain access to Chinese markets and capital. They are in league with our enemies. You CANNOT trust them. Open Source is our only saving grace. And if you have some spare money, donate it to an open source project like the Signal Foundation. Money talks. They are less likely to betray us if it means their financial ruin. And they are more likely to care about the features we want and need if we are donating to the project.

The ride is fixing to get pretty wild. Figure out who you can trust. Make your plans. Dig in. This isn’t over, not even close.


  1. How many movies have you seen where someone “comes back from the dead” because they were not really dead.
    ‘Taint over yet.
    Believe it or not, there are several possibilities, one of which is sketched out here: http://www.thestarscameback.com/2021/01/20/huh-interesting-rumor/
    NO guarantees, of course. Making predictions is hard, especially about the future.
    But for all my normal contrarian streak, I’m in a far better mood than the apparent situation warrants for some reason. It is almost like something supernatural told me I’m on the right track, and to stay cheerful and help talk the others off the ledge. If you’d told me 18 months ago that Trump would be out and this moron would be in with a cabinet like… that… doing what he is, I’d be damn near suicidal. But it is opening people’s eyes, the middle is starting to see and get scared. Now, it’s like “the die is cast… and it was God’s hand making the throw.”

    I like them odds.

    Cheer up. Make a good meal. Have good brew. Go to the range. Work out. Hug the spouse.
    And be so damn cheerful it makes the lefties around you worry all the more.

  2. “Cheer up. Make a good meal. Have good brew. Go to the range. Work out. Hug the spouse.
    And be so damn cheerful it makes the lefties around you worry all the more.”

    Well said Rolf. Even if this is God’s judgment, and it all comes to the worst, this will still be the best advice. Many Christians have lived through worse times (many still do) and still lived happily by remembering how blessed God has made them.

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