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Where to Live XV: the Bugout boat

August 27, 2018
Captain Cathar attempts to make the case: Because of these challenges along any crowded coastline, I’d like to suggest that your readers consider a small sailing vessel as your bug out retreat.

Where to Live X – Asteroid Edition

July 31, 2018
In early 2014, Scientific American reckoned the numbers of The Beast: This Sunday (June 8), the near-Earth asteroid 2014 HQ124—which some observers have nicknamed “The Beast”—will give the planet a relatively close

Where to Live VII – Railroads

July 26, 2018
What do an ex-hippy curmudgeon like James Howard Kunstler and an ultra-conservative* military consultant like William S. Lind have in common? For different reasons**, each is convinced that rail transportation will and

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