An Update On Our Social Media Presence

November 9, 2018
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Now that we are past the 2018 mid term election, I thought it would be a good time to bring everybody up to date on where you can follow Men of the West and how we came to that decision.  No automatic alt text available.
First, let’s address the Twitter situation.  Over the last year, our Twitter traffic dropped off significantly.  When the shadowban check sites came out, we ran our account through it and it came back as shadowbanned.  Then, to further add insult to injury, Twitter locked our account, refusing to release it unless we gave them a phone number.  Well, we don’t really consider them an honest actor, so we weren’t really comfortable giving them that kind of personally identifiable information.  And that decision has been further confirmed this week by Twitter not banning DC Antifa for their stunt at Tucker Carlson’s house until the Daily Caller asked them to comment on why they were permitting their platform to be used for left wing violence and intimidation tactics.  So, even if you’re following us on Twitter, there will be no more updates there unless Twitter recants and unlocks the account.
Facebook, despite their shortfalls, seems to be giving us the fairest shake of all the social networks.  You can follow us at .  This is also probably the easiest way to get into contact with us as the Facebook account is monitored by several of us.  Our posts show up in people’s feeds, people like our content, and we have had zero problems with Facebook’s rules.  It has been a huge and very stark contrast to the treatment we received at the hands of the little bluebirds.
Moving on to the Alt-Tech Projects….
Gab:  We tried it.  Torba showed himself to be insane and a con man.  We left.  Derek Peterson (owner of goes through some of the problems with Gab here:
And speaking of Oneway, several of us are on it and trying it out.  If they get to the point where they permit multiple user accounts to manage a site or brand account, MOTW will likely establish a presence there.  At this point, Oneway works, but it still has a way to go before it will see any kind of mass adoption.
Idka, the present favorite of Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day, is another alternative, and we tried it. There’s really only one way to describe the experience:
Image result for swedish chef
If Idka ever gets organized a little better, we might give it another try.
MeWe:  We tried it, we never really got into it.
Let us know in the comments where you hang out on social media, and we will try to make sure that we go to where our readers are.


  1. I use Minds. It’s like a stripped-down Facebook. It allows groups, so you can create an MOTW group on there and several of you can manage it. I believe you can make groups private and control admissions.

  2. Matt Bracken and a couple of other Patriots began FreeZokee alt-tech.
    Very interesting, as you have well noted, they have made it crystal clear it is the imperative to avoid certain pitfalls of Gab if they are to be a successful viable alt-alternative. Matt has been out front defining the clear purposes behind their platform/their rules policies. In particular certain trolls disruptors agent provocateurs and shit stirrers of the jew hating Hitler loving kind are expressly forbidden. I suspect most of which are false flag narrative actors to begin with. They have certain not genuine tells, exactly like they are working from a playbook NOT written by natural indigenous bigots or idealogs.
    The shit storm of hired trolling and agent attacks was super interesting to watch. They certainly exposed themselves as such, tag teamed Matt, and any who they are threatened by on WRSA. I think it backfired on them in no uncertain terms as the characteristically doubled down. The attempt of desperate convergence tactics was wonderfully cheesy and so yesterday. I suspect was also perceived as down right disgusting among the more awoke and veteran commenters if the whole “character” of the threads are an indication. The biggest tell was the instant patently obvious adhominiem tag team attacks against Matt bracken’s character, which is without blemish or question. I been on WRSA since Pete began, the hired agent provocateur’s and trolls have to be very cunning indeed because of the state of awareness of WRSA’s commentariat. Of note how they are obvious, rarely show up after 9-5 and weekends/holidays. One of the usual tells. Not unlike the dirtbags who attempt the same here on Men of The West. As for instance on your post:
    Without fail, the concern trolls, SJW’s and the soy eating gamma’s, along with what I have suspected for a long time, paid agent provocateurs, (who have become familiar even though they use/change avatars as required to maintain their covers), whose mission is to disrupt reasoned exchange of ideas and philosophy on comment threads, spread doubt to the vulnerable, and create discontent and infighting among “The Honorable Resistance” and its commentariat, are the FREEZOXEE disruptive element, specifically without remorse or hesitation banned from the platform. Without fail the above moderation has lent to the creation of a false narrative that is the banning of their free speech. Hilarious.
    The dichotomy here is rich. The hive mind NPC cognitive dissonance is delicious to witness. In no uncertain terms the straight up hipocracy of all the above actors is telling on themselves.
    But they themselves painted themselves into that corner and have no choice now but to whine and cry like spoiled red diaper baby’s about being banned from shit stirring. I guess censoring hate speech when your avowed existential enemies do so ain’t all that nice. Tough shit. Agitprop and narratives are like tracers, they work both ways.
    You mentioned Andrew Torba as a con. Vox Day has maintained there is some serious problems with Torba’s clan. In this time we are in, it is not beyond reasonable probability Gab was created as a “honey Trap” to gather as many American’s as possible who of are individualistic self determining, Christian of course, and organic Men of The West, the cream of the existential enemies to the intelligentsia and their american nomenklaturer deep state ilk.
    It is a perfect operation for gathering every sort of personal intelligence and connections, to be catalogued, files created on individuals who are deemed enemies of the state.
    You might say, well they where shut down recently by the NPC thought police, yes certainly, but what better cover leaving Gab to be miraculously arisen from the ashes? Giving Torba’s operation that much more credibility?
    This is war, it is Genocide, specifically Genocide of the Christian Greco/Roman culture, the legacy of the 5000 Year Leap, America, born out of the only successful revolution from slavery of tyranny in all of history.
    Everything we know as Men of The West, our Love and devotion to the precepts and ideas of the Christian West, is at stake. Nothing is beyond the pale and insanity of the human extinction movement. We ARE The Enemy. Nothing else is existential to this horde. They fear nothing nor anyone else. We are the target. And to be sure they know exactly who and what we are, it is paramount in any totalitarian state, to be able to make as many as possible afraid and compliant, thus leaving all who are not afraid stick out like sore thumbs, making them easy to target, isolate from their submissive countrymen, to be picked off at leisure. Thats the basic description of what is being attempted by how I see things. It certainly makes many things that seem a mystery or unfathomable readily better understood and accepted.
    Question is is this understanding an awakening? Does it create a plurality that is indomitable such as those who made he 5000 Year Leap? I think so. The truth of this is in the telling, as more every day realize yes it is going to get that bad, and they join the ranks of the honorable resistance of Men of The West. Or more specifically, awaken to the truth they are Men of The West to begin with. A very good thing indeed. It is when this plurality reaches the epiphany, or zeitgeist, that great Paradigm sea change in thinking, it is indeed Legion, that the Plurality groks it is a Plurality. And not an isolated alone demographic left to defend itself alone without compatriots.
    It stands to reason our avowed enemy is becoming desperate and highly agitated, resorting to open declaration of use of threat of force and application of violence in measured tactical form, it understands us Men of The West better than we do. They have been attempting every sort of crisis as a means, false flag operations, baiting us to become the worst of us, to fit the false narratives contrived from whole cloth.
    They fear we will turn, and have worked tirelessly to divert us piecemeal, prohibiting us from solidarity, from the most prudent, tolerant, forgiving gracious minded people, that once we become that aroused Plurality, we can not be stopped, we become indomitable, and as Men of The West we are the singular most feared ruthless merciless righteous warriors in human history. Nothing can resist us. We do not stop till we choose to.
    In certain ways time is growing short. For our enemy. We Men of The West have in defined measure have time and history on our side. We can and are husbanding our unique cold anger, keeping our powder dry, our own counsel, with our Brothers, our Faith, sure in the knowledge of our legitimacy and the unique unparralled power of the withdrawal of our Consent. And our arms. A most salient thing our rifles. Just the possession of our ultimate form of property, the existence of our rifles, is an inhibiting dynamic upon our enemy. There is always the onus of what we can do to them for what they are doing to us which is of immense strategic value to us. They really can not afford to find out the tactical value of our rifles in our hands as we point them in their direction to pull the trigger. And that is what it is all narrowing down to. Guns. The next year as it begins will be the test of who and what we are as Men of The west like never before. Remember time, is the great factor for our enemy. They have to force the issue of our arms because we have been prudent men. They have no choice. They must somehow disarm us, either by outlawing us as Men of The West, as they are trying right this moment in time, pogrom-genocide of White Men, or some form of civil war between the various parties of American’s, ie, get us all to go for each others throats, do their dirty work, so the intent of “Order out of chaos” can be fulfilled. While meanwhile by town and state they attempt to physically disarm us thru defacto law/diktat. A multi tiered approach.
    Out right state sponsored war upon the people is a non viable option. If it where to be attempted, a coup which usurps POTUS and his allies would be a first order imperative. Then a military purge of Stalinist proportion paranoia would have to take place. Which would necessitate the organization of a sycophant military out of the radical elements of the population, even bring in foreign mercenary forces under the fig leaf of “Peace Keeping” forces, then wage their war of liquidation across 820 million square miles of flyover dirt people land, resulting in 4th Generation war of extermination. All of which is a loosing proposition for our enemy. And would only happen because of unforeseen circumstances gone out of control or decisions of insanity.
    It is important to remember, there are far more of us than them. We already hold vast territory, with unlimited resources at hand. We already make the things, keep the things working and running. Grow the food, transport the goods, drill mine and pump the energy. The centers of power of our enemy are area’s bereft of production of the vital physical things to civilization, they make nothing, create only need, absorb vast quants without benefit to dirt people land except fiat money.
    This is a great determinator on the highest strategic level. Those out to kill our race of Men of The West have to be willing to suffer vast unintended consequences of their agenda in full blown radical totalitarian extremism. In simplest terms, no matter how we are despised, they need us more than we need them if they are to exist at their current level of luxury and wealth. It is a pickle indeed. If anything, we need them not a wit. Big Fat Zero. They could be gone tomorrow and we would hardly notice. That in itself tells the tale. We are Men of The West. It is all needs saying.

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