Now that we are past the 2018 mid term election, I thought it would be a good time to bring everybody up to date on where you can follow Men of the West and how we came to that decision.  No automatic alt text available.

First, let’s address the Twitter situation.  Over the last year, our Twitter traffic dropped off significantly.  When the shadowban check sites came out, we ran our account through it and it came back as shadowbanned.  Then, to further add insult to injury, Twitter locked our account, refusing to release it unless we gave them a phone number.  Well, we don’t really consider them an honest actor, so we weren’t really comfortable giving them that kind of personally identifiable information.  And that decision has been further confirmed this week by Twitter not banning DC Antifa for their stunt at Tucker Carlson’s house until the Daily Caller asked them to comment on why they were permitting their platform to be used for left wing violence and intimidation tactics.  So, even if you’re following us on Twitter, there will be no more updates there unless Twitter recants and unlocks the account.

Facebook, despite their shortfalls, seems to be giving us the fairest shake of all the social networks.  You can follow us at .  This is also probably the easiest way to get into contact with us as the Facebook account is monitored by several of us.  Our posts show up in people’s feeds, people like our content, and we have had zero problems with Facebook’s rules.  It has been a huge and very stark contrast to the treatment we received at the hands of the little bluebirds.

Moving on to the Alt-Tech Projects….

Gab:  We tried it.  Torba showed himself to be insane and a con man.  We left.  Derek Peterson (owner of goes through some of the problems with Gab here:

And speaking of Oneway, several of us are on it and trying it out.  If they get to the point where they permit multiple user accounts to manage a site or brand account, MOTW will likely establish a presence there.  At this point, Oneway works, but it still has a way to go before it will see any kind of mass adoption.

Idka, the present favorite of Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day, is another alternative, and we tried it. There’s really only one way to describe the experience:

Image result for swedish chef

If Idka ever gets organized a little better, we might give it another try.

MeWe:  We tried it, we never really got into it.

Let us know in the comments where you hang out on social media, and we will try to make sure that we go to where our readers are.