Author: Herodotus

And The Angels Wept…Because You Failed

Sutherland Springs Have you heard the term “woke”? Have you ever wondered who is the farthest from being “woke”? How about people who aren’t even living in 2017? A church full of them on Sunday morning was ripped apart by forces they don’t understand or even know the existence of. If you are projecting, making the mistake of thinking that everyone living in this country knows what you know, stop. There are people like my mother in law who have no idea of most of what’s going on in this country. She’s a sweet lady, but she just doesn’t...

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Christianity: The Best Deal Women Ever Had

Feminism is certainly one of the worst things that has ever happened to this country. One is tempted to call it the absolute worst, even worse than the century and a half of endless wars we have been tricked into fighting. Yes, those wars were horrors that destroyed many of our best men and saddled with enormous debt those it did not. Lincoln’s Communist War to Destroy the Union killed some 600,000 men, more than we have lost in any other war, raped uncountable women, black and white, and wrecked valuable property.  But even those enormous horrors left the...

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Why You Should Read Classic Literature

Why should you read classic literature? Are the stories amazing? Yes, they are. Do they teach you things about yourself? Do they illustrate great truths of human nature? Do they stir the soul to great deeds? Of course they do. But in this sad, debauched age, where men’s spirits hang low, and honor is thin, you must read the classic works for another reason. It’s mundane, and boring, but critical. You must know whether you are being lied to. If you watched the live action version of The Jungle Book, you would have thought it was great, until the...

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What Does Trump Know?

Evil men have plotted and schemed for decades to have the control they do over our government. Given that fact, I think we should first acknowledge as almost a miracle that someone like Trump could have won the election. Almost as soon as the electrons were dry on his victory last Tuesday, the pundits roared back to life. A tidal wave of opinion assaults us, telling us why he won, why he shouldn’t have, when the writer will commit suicide, et cetera. Another wave of opinion is rushing towards us now, telling us what each transition and cabinet pick...

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Where do Neoconservatives Come From?

The foreign policy of the United States has been controlled for the past 16-20 years by a group of people called neoconservatives. Every war, police action and foreign policy goal since 2000 has been controlled by people who share this ideology. Furthermore, a large amount of pundits, thinkers, writers, and columnists have supported neoconservative policy makers and presidents through the written word, sympathetic institutes, magazines, and organizations all dedicated to furthering the ideas of neoconservatism. The two leaders of neoconservatism in the US are Irving and William Kristol. William Kristol, along with Fred Barnes, are editors of The Weekly...

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