And The Angels Wept…Because You Failed

November 6, 2017
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Sutherland Springs
Have you heard the term “woke”? Have you ever wondered who is the farthest from being “woke”? How about people who aren’t even living in 2017? A church full of them on Sunday morning was ripped apart by forces they don’t understand or even know the existence of.
If you are projecting, making the mistake of thinking that everyone living in this country knows what you know, stop. There are people like my mother in law who have no idea of most of what’s going on in this country. She’s a sweet lady, but she just doesn’t know…and she lives in my house, let alone in the middle of rural Texas. The softest targets in this country go to little white churches in the middle of nowhere; white being the color of the building. Your memories of the little old church where they sing so sweet, and they shake each others’ hands are sweet, sweet deception. Can they find you? Have you ever used Google maps? Distance and remoteness will not save you; in fact those attributes glow in the minds of Antifa and progressives like an airport radar facility in the photoelectric sensors of an anti radiation missile.
Do you think you are safe because there is a cross on the steeple? In Antioch, Syria, where the book of Acts tells us the followers of Jesus Christ were first called Christians, a little girl was sawed in half while still alive under the reign of ISIS. The church she attended was reduced to rubble. That church was many centuries old. The tribulations and persecution of Christians in the USSR are well known. You can read about them in the books written by Richard Wurmbrand.
Did Jesus ever promise you that you would not be persecuted? Wrong. He told us the world would hate you. This hatred includes the ability to walk into a church full of old, clueless white people and mow them down. A little girl was murdered by this man, as well as over half the church, murdered in an instant. Why? No one there thought it could happen to them. That thought is pure, demonic suicide. Drive it from your mind. Christians have been able to live in a bubble of relative peace for too long. It has poisoned and made flaccid your brain. You allow women to rule you, and you quake in fear of displeasing them. I have news for you, men. YOU are in charge. You and you alone, and the survival of our people and nation depends on you.
Instead of hiding behind pretty lies, take action, and ARM YOURSELF. The Lord has given us the ability to make tools to cut down trees, build our homes, transport goods and people over long distances, and bring us out of the night. We also have the ability to make tools to defend ourselves and our families.
Are you a man? If you don’t think you need to carry a gun in church, and that Jesus will compensate for your cowardice and laziness by magically protect you from people killing you in church, you’re dead wrong. And so is your family. If you want your wife to respect you, you’ll arm yourself. If you want your children to live to adulthood, arm yourself. If you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror, arm yourself. Do you want the respect of your forefathers? Arm yourself. No American has any excuse for being unarmed. You make yourself a liability, and you render yourself unable to protect anyone you love and care for.
Antifa has expressed the desire to target the bastions of the far right, churches. You can read a comment to that effect here. Where are we strongest? Where are we weakest? You can answer those questions easily. At a restaurant, at church, at the grocery store, the bowling alley, a million places where people never expect anything to happen. Material abundance is poison to a tough, determined populace.
“All manner of pleasures and diversions were indulged. Wealth can be wonderful, but you know – success can test one’s mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.”

Not me. I’m better looking.

Your typical disgusting fat body. No one is intimidated by this except a hot dog or a Chinese buffet owner.

Success makes you soft. Wealth makes you soft. Peace makes you soft. Christians have enjoyed all three stacked together for so long that we can’t imagine how things are in the rest of the world, or it’s just something that happens to other people. Are you a disgusting fat body? Why? You have no excuse for being fat and sloppy. But here is the worst part. If you are fat and sloppy physically, you will be so mentally as well. What about the image you project, forget about the physical shortcomings you have and the totally unsatisfactory capabilities you have for combat? Does a fat guy wearing tactical gear that can barely strain to encircle his girth scare anyone? How long could you hold up a rifle? Ten seconds? Can you run ten feet without becoming totally gassed and sucking wind? If you met me in the street, you would be dead.
Put down the pizza, the beer and the candy. You don’t deserve them. Pizza and candy aren’t warrior food, anyway. Eat meat, vegetables and cheese. Drink water. Does Antifa train? No, but they don’t need to. They have the advantage of surprise and they choose where to strike. And they know they aren’t coming back. Submit yourself to iron. Get blisters. Get sore muscles. Reacquaint yourself with pain. As General Patton told his troops, an ounce of sweat in peace will save a pint of blood in war. Did you know we are in a war? If you didn’t, ask someone.


  1. Russia now is a Christian nation. ‘Symphony of Church and state’.
    The jewSA is now what Russia was under the communists.
    Russia is under new management – that’s why the globalists
    want to destroy her.

    • Russia (in general is not a Christian nation) the globals knows that Putin is a nationalist & he bucks the Khazarian electronic (out of thin air) monies – He’s (Vlad) no friend of the Rothshields, Vlad also has big ambitions such as ruling the world!
      Yes, there are a lot of Christians in Russia (God Bless them) but the propaganda machine is alive & well in the land of Magog!

  2. (Edited by MOTW)
    To the author of that bizarre screed: please do not write incoherent nonsense on our site. Please feel free to start your own site.

  3. Always pack heat. I love it when people from outside (not Alaskan) get nervous and avoid eye contact at the pump or the checkout line when they spot my sidearm. No permit required for concealed or open carry in Alaska.

    • Just know you’re illiciting a fear reaction in people because they don’t know whether your head is screwed on right or not. If you get the giggles because people fear you, you’re a small man and you shouldn’t be packing. You have the wrong mental attitude about life and death. Us packers shoulder an awesome responsibility… you’ve forgotten that. It’s better, I think, that even if you can legally open carry, you should conceal it to calm people’s fears, which is exactly what it seems you don’t want to do. I’m glad I don’t live in Alaska with guys like you around.

  4. Don’t wanna have guns in church…? Turn the other cheek…? Try seeing what the Bible actually says.
    Nehemiah chapters 3&4. During the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple, ALL workers were required to have a sword on them at ALL times, as they were under constant threat from the people of the surrounding area. It got to the point where only half of the workers could work at any given time, as the other half were needed to stand guard with shields, bows, and spears. They each had one hand in their work, while the other hand was on their sword… Sounds like a good example for our churches today. Imagine, the pastor giving his sermon with a locked and loaded AR strapped on. Seems like it’s getting to that extreme.
    For those modern Christians who think the Old Testament no longer applies, we have examples from the New Testament. The best one is the simplest, however. 1 Timothy 5:8 “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. ” Seems to me that providing for the safety of your family fits perfectly in line with that. In a group of around 100, my church has at minimum 5 concealed carriers present. One of them is the associate pastor.
    I’m thinking it’s time for these modern Christian church leaders to actually read their Bibles……

  5. Something worth considering is the magic marker to begin the chaos worldwide. The SHTF when we hear in the news the words, “My Brothers, it is the last days”, spoken by a major Muslim world leader. It’ll probably occur when there’s a middle eastern war between the bigger players, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. This will most certainly result in attacks on schools, malls, churches, etc., in ALL western societies. It’s something that’s been widely known for decades by the various intelligence agencies. Now, take a look at the fast brewing conflict in the middle east. It’s a fair certainty war is coming to Lebanon first, as several countries have issued travel alerts for their citizens, effective immediately….

  6. 2 years now I been sitting in the truck with my rifle outside the church my wife attends. She thought I was a bit crazy. I said your my wife, these are our friends & neighbors, this is our little community, and someday somebody will pick churches like these in the middle of nowhere rural America because we are white, live below the Mason Dixon line, are Christian, and the terror value of picking out our church is only exceeded by a man of the west like me killing some sonofabitch first who tries to kill us.
    To me this is the kind of stuff you do as a matter of duty as a man of the west, it now today is what I like to call the honorable resistance. Its self determination, its protecting liberty, your community, culture, faith, tribe, and loved ones. And taking out the enemy of these things with extreme prejudice.
    If we all do this with a thought and eye to defending & protecting these most important things that matter most, well we do more than save lives, we defend in such a way nobody will mess with us, knowing we do not balk in our duty. Instead of being sitting ducks far too many of us are because we are not fully cognizant of the time proven hard won precepts of Western Christian principles & virtues, and the never ending crusade defending ours.
    In memory to all who are in Gods Hands
    May we all not fail in thy duty to thy family, thy house of Faith
    May something good come from this that it is thy providence to fulfill thy duty on this earthly coil:
    Arm ourselves we must.
    Failure in this primal duty is not an option.

  7. Actually many of the early Christian chose martyrdom. They saw the world they lived as brutal and death as a release. We have lived in this country without seeing a war in about 160 years. The persecution of Christians was always over there. W e are starting to see the persecution of Christians here in the United States

  8. […] Courage really is the first Virtue. Reasonable pro gun people recognize that all men are by default capable of desiring to do evil, and in fact are capable of doing anything if pushed far enough. So they face that dark truth. They seek to control those desires within themselves, rather than give in or externalize the problem. And they make sure that they have an option when those safeguards fail in others. Because they will not be complicit in the deaths of those they love. […]

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