Cultural Poison

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Popular culture is worse than useless. It is poisonous propaganda that is stealing entire generations from Western Civilization. If we are to have any hope of reclaiming and rebuilding our culture in the next generation, we must first stop the flow of propaganda that is warping the minds of our children.

Brian Almon is a writer and entrepreneur. In addition to Men of the West, you can find his work at The Decline and Fall of the United States of America and The National Pulse.

Brian lives with his wife and children in Idaho.

Follow Brian on Gab and Telegram.


  1. The homosexual crowd is being used as a weapon… they are useful to the enemy, who would like a new generation of Americans to gasp in horror when they read Leviticus 18 and Romans 1 (if they pick up a Bible in the first place). I think it was David Kupelian who said once you get people to believe evil is good, they will automatically see good as being evil.

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