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Back in July, we encouraged you to not take the bait. Now, I want to take a few minutes to talk to you about where we are and what I think is likely going to happen.

Election night did not give us the decisive victory we were hoping for. The media is doing their best to convince you that Biden has won. This is absolutely not true. Biden hasn’t won until the Supreme Court rules on President Trump’s objections. Don’t let them demoralize you. Don’t let them fool you. Yes the odds are against us and the situation is grim. But we’ve been here before. Remember, President Hillary was guaranteed, there was no way that Trump was going to win. We’ve seen this movie before. Keep in mind that the same people that assure us that Joe Biden won are the same people that spent three years telling us that Mueller was going to put Trump in jail for Russian Collusion! The Walls Are Closing In!

We knew that this election was going to be a total mess when the Democrats started their mail-in nonsense. Which brings us to the meat of what we are here to discuss, where we are. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have both made some rather explosive accusations. I’m going to attempt to summarize them here:

  • Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger took money from Dominion Voting Systems / Chinese Special Interests and thus cannot be trusted.
  • Dominion Voting Systems has a corporate ancestry that goes back to a voting system used in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez where Chavez intended to never lose a vote.
  • The counting stop on election night was consistent with how the voting system rigged votes in Venezuela
  • Hillary Clinton used this system against Bernie Sanders in California in the 2016 primary
  • That US government forces acquired a server in Germany that may or may not be related to the CIA
  • That CIA Director Gina Haspel cannot be trusted and is involved in this plot.

Now, this obviously begs a lot of questions. The first is, if Hillary had this going in 2016 for the primary, what do you suppose the odds are that she didn’t use it in the general? I’d say slim to none. Which makes sense. I recall reading an anecdote that in the run-up to the 2016 election Bill Clinton came into a strategy meeting and warned Hillary she needed to shore up the “Blue Wall” and was laughed out of the room by Hillary and her aid Robby Mook. It would make perfect sense that they would be snickering with each other if they had that ace in the hole. And why Hillary thought she couldn’t lose. It even further begs the question: did Hillary even win the popular vote in 2016?

The question about the server in Germany is another issue. Is this US Government on US Government violence? That’s the rumor. In which case, this is really bad.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are both serious lawyers. And they’ve made some serious accusations. And the media is determined to not look into the matter. But now that the gauntlet has been thrown down, we have to see this through. Because if the United States Government is going to continue, it has to have the legitimacy that free and fair elections grant it. And we have entered into the absolute worst case scenario where no matter what happens, half the country will not believe that the election was legitimate, unless we can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt what happened.

So, what can you do? Well, we assume that with this audience, you have your prepping supplies already. You have your guns and gold. And it’s really too late to start now. But what everybody needs to do is pray that God will deliver us from evil. That He will guide this process. That He will protect Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, because if what they say is even remotely close to the truth — and they are both serious people — then the forces of evil will absolutely kill over this kind of stuff.

And pray for the courage of the good men in our government and our nation. Courage is not the default; if it was, it wouldn’t be considered such a virtue. Courage is rare. And we have good men who haven’t been tested like this. But they very well might lack the courage to stand up against this. John Wayne made it look easy. But it’s not. It’s terrifying to have to stand up to this kind of tyranny and risk your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor. That is what Sidney Powell has put on the line here. We need God’s deliverance. And we need revival.

Pray like your lives depend on it. Because they do. This is the stuff that leads to civil war. One that will be a bloodbath on a scale most Americans can’t imagine. I am hopeful that God will deliver us from this and restore America to the place it once had in the world. Or at the least, if the United States must pass off the world scene, grant us a peaceful breakup instead of a blood soaked war.

Nothing is guaranteed. But we must pray harder than we ever have in our lives at this point. And God hasn’t forsaken us. And He never will. Trust Him.


  1. “Or at the least, if the United States must pass off the world scene, grant us a peaceful breakup instead of a blood soaked war.”

    I pray for the peaceful breakup. A bloody civil war is what team tyranny wants, to end it, once and for all. It is that Rubicon moment.

    • I strongly disagree with your comment. What part of your “Home” would you give away. The front door? the back door, the kitchen? The west cost has important shipping ports, the east cost has important ship yards, strategic borders to the north and south. The Great Lakes are
      likewise important. There is no peaceful solution to this treachery.

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