Don’t Take The Bait

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“These people were not peaceful,” Newton said. “In my experience, they were physically violent. And I don’t know what they were about. They were not the Black Lives Matter people, because I support them.”I am one of the lawyers who took a knee at the courthouse in solidarity after the killing of George Floyd … but let me tell you something: When you start acting violent, there is no excuse, and I don’t agree with law enforcement officers not protecting citizens when that happens. There is a line and that crosses the line.” |

Another day, another “Protest” that is designed to incite violence that they can use to escalate these acts of insurrection. As anybody with eyes can see, the media has been playing fast and loose with the notion of “peaceful” when it comes to protestors. As we have previously observed, these vandals are engaged in an organized attempt at overthrowing the United States Government.

The quote above is included as an example of 4th Generation Warfare. This lady had a very unpleasant experience. She found out first hand that these insurrectionists are not who they have been portrayed to be in the media. This is how we move the football peacefully. When the other side engages in acts of violence and intimidation, they undercut their moral authority.

This is why they desperately want to incite an act of violence against them. In all my life, I have never seen so many blatant attempts to incite violence. Now, I didn’t live through the ’60’s, so maybe some of you older folks have seen this sort of incitement before. But I haven’t. And it’s exactly what Bill Lind has been warning about for years.

Every day, it seems like there’s some new incitement. They absolutely want violence. And they want to incite it in a Democrat-held stronghold because they are acting in collusion with the local elected officials to ensure that the local DA issues charges the way they want. And the press will absolutely carry their water for them. See our thoughts on what happened in Charlottesville, which is still a thorn in the side of Southerners.

Keep in mind that nothing has changed since this was written in 2017:

  • The government of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County is overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats.
  • They have, in the past, manipulated things for political gain a lot more skillfully than McAuliffe did at Charlottesville
  • The Media DOES NOT LIKE YOU.  This CANNOT be stressed enough.  Repeat it again.  THE MEDIA DOES NOT LIKE YOU.
  • There will be violent Antifas there.  They will be bussed in.  There will be well paid agitators there to ensure that there is violence.
  • That violence will be pinned on you.
  • If a member of your group shoots a commie, no matter what the commie did, no matter how threatening they were, when the media reports it, THEY WILL BE A POOR INNOCENT CHILD WHO NEVER DID ANYTHING TO ANYBODY.   See Heather Heyer (a member of an angry violent mob that was blocking the road)

The playbook hasn’t changed, and there’s absolutely nothing that the left would like better than to have another event where they could claim aggrieved status.


Play it smart. If the Trumpslide occurs – and there’s still good reason to think it will – there is still hope that we can get out of this with a minimum of violence. Do not jeopardize that. Frankly, given the level of incitement, it’s probably wise to simply abandon the cities until November. If you’re anywhere right of center, get out. Go stay with relatives. I know that none of you want to be the guy that gets into a bad situation, has things go horribly wrong, and gets railroaded simply for defending yourself against a genuine threat to your life. But that’s what is going to happen.

Retreat to someplace safe where the local authorities will enforce the law. I cannot stress that enough.


  1. Easy for you to say to not take the bait but please tell me you can’t read these and NOT want to give ’em Wild West vigilante justice if cops don’t start ENFORCING THE DAMN LAW AND PUNISH THE CRIMINAL!–fianc/
    And please don’t tell me to “just move”. Not easy to move when you’re on minimum wage and folks are in the middle of a divorce.

  2. They are trying to get a reaction out of us in my home county. They are trying to make the county move the Confederate monument. Nobody has taken the bait so far. I am just disappointed in our law enforcement. They run the people who don’t want the statue moved, but won’t take any action against the other side. On the positive side, the blm have showed us that you don’t have to follow law enforcement orders.

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