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More than any other foreign nation, the relationship of the United States to Israel dominates our foreign policy discourse. Should American patriots support the nation of Israel?
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Brian Almon is a writer and entrepreneur. In addition to Men of the West, you can find his work at The Decline and Fall of the United States of America and The National Pulse.

Brian lives with his wife and children in Idaho.

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  1. About to listen, but before i do…

    No person should support the ramoant anti-Christian, Abortion mill of a cesspit Israel.

    They lie (those that don’t just fully admit they’re xomplete atheists) about believing rhe Old Testament as Jesus made it clear that “IF you believe Moses you WILL believe me.” (My emphasis).

    And “you are NOT of your father Abraham, you are of your father the Devil.”

    Those actually Old Testament believing Hebrews were converted during Jesus life, at Pentacost (most of them), and the rest by the Apostles.

    It is NOT a “race” issue however, it is simply a false religion where people can be converted to Christianity and be baptised!

    The Christian Churches must recognize Judaism to be NO different (even worse actually, Islam is staunchly Pro-Life, Judaism breeds death) than Islam. It is a FALSE religion that “Claims” (falsely) to be “Abrahamic” (just like Islam) but is an enemy to Christ, his Church, and all Trinitarian Christians!

    St. Paul does clearly say in Thessalonians that “The Jew killed Christ and is an adversary (enemy) to all mankind.”

    So yes, it IS even worse than Islam. But it still a similar concept. A false religion that “claims” to be Abrahamic that denies Christ!

    May they all be saved!!!

    Now i will listen 😉

  2. I was not impressed, the initial “history” and “set the scene” had so many falsehoods it hurt. The Jewish Religion was founded by the Pharisees, it is not Old Testament belief. They took Babylonian Paganism and “wrapped it” in “Moses sounding” words… But in fact you can say it started earlier, as Ezekiel makes it very clear that “Jerusalem and Samaria” were worse (far worse) than the surrounding pagan countries! Only a tiny “remnant” of true believers were even in Jerusalem when it was captured (and in Samaria) by Nebuchadnezzar and those remnant were the likes of Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, the 3 Youths, etc…

    These men were already living in a cesspit of pagan filth in Jerusalem, and then they were captured to other pagan filth…

    But the Hebrew believers who actually believed in Moses and Abraham (instead of just claiming to be Abrahamic like Jews and Muslims claim) believed on Christ as they already believed Moses and Abraham!

    The Jews (as mentioned by the Apostle St. Paul) are a religious group not a physical group. All Jews who did not believe on Christ were destroyed in 70 AD as prophecied over and over by Christ and throughout Scripture. Later other people DID convert to the false religion of Judaism (the Pharisees false religion) and now curent living “Jews” have NO physical blood connection to Moses or Abraham, and (as Christ said) do not believe Moses or Abraham (or they WOULD, not might, believe Christ).

    So today we have Eastern Europeans with no blood ties, and no spiritual ties claiming ridiculousness and Christian suckers have fallen for it. Research E. Michael Jones as he has great things to say on this!

    Any and all Jews can be saved by repenting of their sins (like any non-Christian) and being baptised!

    Judaism was invented by Satan (“you are of your father the devil”) to keep certain ancestors of Eastern Europeans from being with Christ forever!

    All of Christianity, Christendom, Christian knights in East and West (Men of the West), knew this with NO disagreement or reservations until the end of the 1800’s and it’s ridiculous Zionism and Scoffield Bible and Pre-Trib Rapture MADNESS!

    God bless!

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