Not About Civility Redux

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Well.  That didn’t take long.  Last week I wrote an article talking about the desire of the left to subjugate us by the utter destruction of our historical symbols, and this week, it has come to my attention that they have now tried to slander Chris Pratt as a white supremacist for wearing a shirt inspired by the Gadsden Flag.
Gadsden flag.svg
So, in the past month, we have seen the political left attempt to label two symbols of the American Revolution as white supremacist symbols.  And, I don’t know if anybody else has noticed this, but they have moved from labeling people as racist after they tried to label Trump a racist for a couple of his tweets directed at Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and her “squad” and he refused to apologize.  The increased shrieking about “White Supremacy” has increased as the shrieking about racism has lost its effect.  If nothing else, this is a powerful lesson from John Wayne regarding Never Apologize (especially if you haven’t actually done anything wrong!)
There is no question at this point that the tide is starting to turn against the insanity.  But the insane will become more unhinged, and perhaps even more violent, before everything is said and done.  Only God knows what the future holds for us.  But we can take peace in the knowledge that He has a plan, and it is being faithfully executed.
As to the fate of America?  Well.  Nations come and go, empires rise and empires fall.  And God takes care of His own through it all.  I pray that this is not the end of America, but that we are looking at a revival.  But no matter what the future holds, Jesus is Lord, and our hope is in Him.


  1. I have the feeling that “white supremicist” won’t last nearly as long nor be nearly as powerful an epithet as “racist” was. But I have no idea what comes next when that fails…

    • I suspect we shall soon find out. It might well be that those who are repeatedly accused of such things just quit caring about any of the epithets thrown their way.

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