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2020 has been a pretty wild year so far. It started off with some pretty rough times for us here at Men of the West with the site migration to a new server. Then we wound up with the Coronavirus Freak Out. And now there are riots in the streets. And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. Don’t take the bait.

First, President Trump is absolutely right to go after Antifa over this. He has earned our trust, and we should follow his lead on this. I know that a lot of libertarian leaning folks bristle at the idea of invoking the Insurrection Act. But the important thing to remember is that declaring Antifa to be a terrorist organization changes how the Federal Government goes after them. And nobody seems to be talking about the implications of that. But if Attorney General Barr plays his cards right with this, it will be a huge blow to the violent insurrectionist left.

Second, the violence is, as usual, limited to Democrat controlled areas. And it’s pretty obvious why. The authorities are letting it happen with a wink and a nod because they’re all on the same team, playing from the same script. The mayors and governors of these left-wing enclaves won’t let the police do their jobs and defend innocent people. They enjoy watching their cities burn. But make no mistake, they will absolutely and without question bring the full force of the law down on anybody who isn’t their political ally.

That is something I want to point out to everybody reading. When the riots are over, and the coronavirus insanity has subsided, they are going to antagonize people on the right. They are going to do everything short of blatantly saying, “We closed your business down for 3 months. And while we denied you your livelihood, we allowed rioters to run loose in the streets setting cities on fire. And we let most of them get away with it. And now, we’re going to put the boot of government to your throat again. And we dare you to do something about it.

Do not be surprised when this happens. It is bait. They’re looking to incite a violent response in an election year. They want to be able to put some crazed right winger on the news for doing something they can use to gin up anger and unrest. And yes, it’s going to suck. But you have to keep calm and remember not to do what they are trying to goad you into doing. Trump is winning, and we have a real chance that when the Trumpslide Cometh, he will finally break them.

Remember. Don’t take the bait. It’s a trap.

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  1. The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
    But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
    When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
    And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.

    “You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears;
    But don’t try that game on the Saxon; you’ll have the whole brood round your ears.
    From the richest old Thane in the county to the poorest chained serf in the field,
    They’ll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

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