Hellcat (Part 1)

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I picked up a Springfield Armory Hellcat a couple weeks ago. It’s nice little gun. I’m not going to do a review; you can watch Hickok45’s video review below. I do want to explain why I decided to buy one, and encourage y’all to check it out.

But first, let’s talk about what likely inspired the Hellcat, the Sig Sauer P365. When Sig released their P365, I was interested. I stopped by the local shop and checked it out. It was nice handgun and it held quite a few rounds for its size, but I didn’t care for the way it felt. It was a lot smaller than my Glock 19, and it felt too thin. I didn’t think it was worth giving up the capacity of my G19 for something that wasn’t comfortable to hold.

A couple years later, Springfield Armory released the Hellcat, their answer to the P365. It was a hell of an answer. When I stopped by the local shop and picked up the Hellcat, I immediately liked it. It’s a bit thicker than the P365, but the extra width makes a big difference.

The Hellcat holds 11+1 with a flush mag and 13+1 with the included extended magazine; it comes with a Tritium U-Dot Sight; and on top of that, the internals are nice and beefy. 13+1 is pretty close to the G19’s 15-1, and the Hellcat is a lot lighter. At $535 for the optics ready configuration, I couldn’t turn it down.

I’ll post a Hellcat Part 2 after I take it to the range. If I really like it, I’ll probably buy a red dot for it as well. We’ll see.

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