The Failure of Conservatism

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The lesson of the Trump Era is that one man cannot save this country, not after the globalist Left has completely taken over every institution. But where was the conservative movement when that takeover occurred? Why did they not stop the long march through our society? It is because they were operating from the same premise as the Left, and thus failed to save our country.

Episode 59: The Failure of Conservatism


  1. Modern conservatism operates safely within the philosophical assumptions of the original Progressive era. In fact, it’s hard to read any article on Progressivism (e.g. and find a single area where the modern GOP differs materially from Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, unless it’s to be even more progressive. If the GOP can’t get rid of PBS in a world of 500 TV channels, they’re not going to “fix” anything.

    And our system is designed to prevent one man from “saving” it. The primary political challenge in western history, going right back to Pericles, has been how to limit executive action. But even if he could, such a salvation would be short-lived. Trump is in his mid seventies. How long would we expect him to be dictator? And he’s certainly not less Progressive than the historical GOP.

    No, we are not the same people we were, so there is no way that we are going back to the way it was. Well, short of a collapse that kicks us back to ~1650, where settlers surround their forts with logs walls to keep the barbarians at bay. Then we start the long march over.

    Don’t laugh. That’s more likely to happen than Bill Gates’ bug-eating, crap-drinking, transhumanist Utopia.

  2. Conservatism never won anything domestically. Sure, it helped defeat communism abroad, while the bolsheviks ran wild through the domestic institutions for 100 years. Other than that what did it conserve or win? NOTHING. Oh, Bill Buckley was the ultimate gatekeeper/ticket taker/loser.

    The bolsheviks have never stopped in their long march to destroy western civilization. Since they can’t create anything good, pure and beautiful, things will collapse, gradually (already happening), then an increase in speed. Could conservatism have prevented this collapse, maybe if the gatekeepers/ticket takers would have fought. Now it’s probably too late, and the collapse of corruption, which is the system, may be the best possible outcome. It will suck in many ways.

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