The Great Reset (Transcript)

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Originally posted at “The Decline and Fall of the United States of America”

This is the transcript of the podcast by the same name.

In November of 2016, shortly after the election of President Donald Trump, the World Economic Forum published an article describing eight predictions for the year 2030. In their tweet promoting the article, they said “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” The article goes on to suggest that we will also be tracked 24/7 for our own good, that America will have receded on the world stage, that meat will be a rare treat, that over a billion refugees will be integrated into western nations, and that western values will be diminished in a global society.

The WEF is at the forefront of several globalist organization working to transform society. A few weeks ago, TIME Magazine published a cover story about what they called “The Great Reset,” a reordering of society in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. This story compiled ideas from various globalist organizations about what they want the world to look like in the coming decades. Chief among these was the founder of the World Economic Forum himself, Klaus Schwab, who wrote about how we need to “re-imagine capitalism” to create a “better economy”. The rest of the articles concerned climate change and racial justice. The overriding theme was that of building back better. Not coincidentally, “Build Back Better” was Joe Biden’s campaign slogan.

“Build Back Better” is the overriding theme of a large alliance of globalist activists throughout the world. In addition to Joe Biden, the phrase has also been used by Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, who just imposed a harsh lockdown on his people. It has been used in Canada. The slogan was being used in the United Nations as far back as 2015, and by former President Bill Clinton as early as 2006. The fact that they have had it ready to deploy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic this year is curious, no?

You must understand that they have been planning this so-called great reset for a long time now. The Frankfurt School developed Critical Theory in the 1920s, which demanded that we tear down every edifice of society to rebuild it in a modern, secular, socialist image. One can imagine the original philosophers of the Frankfurt School saying that we need to “build back better”. After World War II, the purveyors of Critical Theory made their way into positions of influence in western societies – this was the long march through our institutions that I have mentioned before. The post-World War II order created by the victorious Allied Powers was a globalist order, where national sovereignty was slowly but surely subordinated to international organizations. These organizations have little accountability to the citizens and voters in each nation. Our leaders told us that this was all necessary to prevent the nations of the world from falling one by one to an expansionist Communist state. However, when the Cold War ended in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, our leaders doubled down on globalism rather than once again putting America First. President George H. W. Bush proclaimed the dawn of a “new world order” – you can hear his very words in the introduction to every podcast. Both Republicans and Democrats pledged billions of dollars and untold American lives to the globalist project, which ranged from ushering China into the World Trade Organization, to bombing Serbia in the late 1990s, to invading half the Middle East in the first two decades of the 21st century. All the while, we quietly surrendered our sovereignty to a new international technocratic order.

Remember that the globalist position is that national borders are obsolete, and that national sovereignty is an impediment to world peace. Despite all their talk about diversity in the abstract, globalists see different people and different cultures as entirely interchangeable cogs in a great big GDP machine. All the postwar international organizations such as the UN, the European Union, the World Health Organization, the World Back, the International Monetary Fund, etc. were built with the aim of ensuring greater peace and cooperation between nations, but in nearly every case they result in the erosion of national sovereignty and the rule by fiat of unelected technocrats.

These globalist technocratic elites have long been seeding their ideas into popular culture. Look through any fashion magazine over the past five years and see stories about happy Millennials living in tiny podseating bugs, and living entirely atomized lives. Just like the WEF’s predictions, these articles present a future where you will not own a car that you can drive anywhere you want, but instead use ride-sharing or mass transit to go where you need in your city. Instead of owning a house, you rent a bed in a co-living space, sort of like a sailor’s bunk on a battleship. Instead of settling down and building a traditional nuclear family of father, mother, and children, you will live with friends and colleagues. Hookups will have entirely replaced marriage and even dating. Any children born into this environment will be communal property. Mainstream media has been publishing articles glamorizing polyamory over the past few years, each one showing effete beta males sharing an overweight woman, trying to normalize this perverse arrangement.

This all sounds like a dystopian horror to you and me, but to the technocrats, it is the ideal society in their new world order. We will eat bugs and like it, while the elites continue to eat steak at the World Economic Forum headquarters in Davos, Switzerland.

The desire to remake the world to fit our modern ideas is hardly new. Perhaps the most obvious example comes out of the French Revolution, which kicked off shortly after our own war for independence in America. Whereas we established a republic in the New World, based on freedom and liberty, France’s attempt to do the same thing in the Old World ended in disaster. Men such as Georges Danton, Maximillian Robespierre, and Jean-Paul Marat wanted to start from scratch, wipe the slate clean, and build a new society without any remnant of the old. They reset the calendar so that the revolution was literally Year Zero, they renamed days and months, they forced Catholic priests to swear an oath of loyalty to the new nation rather than to God and the Church, and finally they replaced the alter in Notre Dame de Paris with a so-called “goddess of reason”.

Of course, this attempt at creating a new society quickly degenerated into mass murder. Anyone who did not agree with the direction of the Revolution soon found themselves facing the guillotine. Danton, Robespierre, and Marat each experienced a violent death at the hands of the vicious Revolution they had nurtured. We see this same effect in Soviet Russia, in North Korea, in Cuba, and in every other nation where all-powerful leaders attempt to wipe away the past and build a new society from nothing but their imaginations. Communist China attempted to do the same thing. Chairman Mao wanted to erase the old traditions and long memories of the Chinese people, because he felt they were holding them back from creating the perfect society. Families were torn apart as children were enlisted to inform on their parents. People who had done nothing wrong were forced to admit all sorts of guilt in public “struggle sessions”. Millions of Chinese people died, and in the end the Cultural Revolution was a failure.

For our globalist elites, the French Revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution are not warnings about what happens when you try to restart society from scratch, rather they are good-intentioned attempts to fix a broken world. Modern globalist activists do not look back at the millions of people who died in these experiments and say, “Let’s not do that again,” rather they say, “Let’s do it right this time.” Michael O’Fallen, host of the Causes of Things podcast, called today’s globalist technocrats the “new Jacobins,” after one of the primary groups involved in the French Revolution. His episode on the Great Reset is fantastic, and I recommend you watch the whole thing.

These “new Jacobins” are content to be patient. Slowly but surely, they modified the United States government after World War II, changing its primary mission from that of caring for its own citizens to one of outreach to the world. Nearly every governmental and non-governmental organization is now run by globalists. We still think of the State Department and the CIA as being filled with old white men in suits doing the dirty business of ensuring American hegemony. Today, however, these organizations are full of extreme leftist activists, the sort you would expect to see at the Berkeley student union building or the Harvard faculty lounge. They do not see their job as protecting American interests, but instead to export gay rights and transgender protections to foreign nations while subordinating America to a vague international order. They are missionaries not of the gospel of Christ, or even a secular gospel of American-style freedom and liberty, but of degenerate propaganda.

A prime example of the globalist mindset infecting American institutions is in the person of John Brennan, former chief of the Central Intelligence Agency under President Obama. Here is a man who was hired by the CIA despite being an out-of-the-closet communist. The CIA had been founded primarily to protect America from Soviet communism, yet it was so inept at that job that it was eventually run by an actual communist. Senator McCarthy was, if anything, too kind! John Brennan was involved with illegally spying on American citizens, as revealed by Edward Snowden nearly a decade ago. He was involved with spying on President Trump and his team, not only during the campaign but also in the leadup to his inauguration. To this day he considers himself a patriot of the real America, an America that exists only to serve the needs of a rootless cosmopolitan elite. To that end, he is feted by cable news.

Even though the United States was founded by mostly English people, we have long had a conceit that anybody from anywhere on Earth could become American. In the mid to late 1800s, immigrants came to America from Ireland, Italy, Russia, and many other places. For the most part, these immigrants assimilated into American culture. They learned English, they adopted American traditions, they left behind, for the most part, their old ways and became Americans. Not so the post 1965 immigrants. Many of these new Americans did not leave their old ways behind and assimilate into American culture, but instead carved out little enclaves of their former nations inside America’s borders. Rather than learning English, they demanded that government print signs, brochures, and ballots in their native language. Rather than adopting American traditions, they demanded that America change to fit their needs. It is this conceit that feeds into the globalist project. Globalists do not consider themselves to be citizens of a specific nation, but rather of the whole world in general. The United States of America does not have any special meaning to them, rather it is simply a rich and prosperous land that they can use to their advantage. If you have no loyalty to a people, or to a place, then there is nothing stopping you from simply strip-mining that place and enslaving that people to ensure your own wealth and power. America is like a dying hippopotamus on the savanna being slowly torn apart by hyenas, jackals, vultures, and anyone else who wants a piece. This is why globalist leaders have had no problem outsourcing America’s industry to China and other developing nations. What are a few million blue-collar jobs for American citizens compared to a bump in GDP?

Perhaps the most obvious exemplar of this rootless cosmopolitan mentality is found in Kamala Harris, who, depending on the outcome of this contested election, could well be one Joe Biden stroke away from the presidency. Harris’ parents were both foreigners: her father was a graduate student at UC Berkeley from Jamaica while her mother was an undergraduate from India. Harris was born in 1964 to these two foreign students – she was literally an anchor baby. Anyone born on US soil is considered to be an American citizen, no matter the citizenship status of their parents. This is due to a certain reading of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which established citizenship for former black slaves. The writers of the amendment excluded obvious cases such as foreign diplomats who have their children in the United States, and so they surely could not have imagined that foreign students, tourists, or guest workers would give birth to American citizens.

Kamala Harris has no loyalty to the United States of America. Everything we love about our country is simply raw material for her rise to power. She got her start in politics not by volunteering for a campaign, or by running for school board or city council, but by becoming the mistress of powerful San Francisco politician and kingmaker Willie Brown. While they were dating, he appointed her to several state boards, which served as a platform for her later run for San Francisco District Attorney. When Harris accused Joe Biden of being a “racist” during the Democratic primary debates, she had no experience of racism in her own life, or that of her parents, to draw from. None of her ancestors were slaves in the antebellum south, neither were they oppressed by Jim Crow laws. When Kamala Harris plays the race card, it is completely cynical, self-serving, and disingenuous.

Tariq Nasheed, a black activist who is no friend of conservatives, worries about the effects that someone like Kamala Harris will have on his own people. The descendants of African slaves surely have more claim on the United States of America than anchor babies like Harris, however they are often used as pawns in the globalist game. Reacting on Twitter this week to a report that a Biden/Harris administration will offer citizenship to Indian nationals, Nasheed said, “While Kamala Harris boldly told black people what she is NOT going to do for us. Kamala and the Biden just announced they are going to use our tax dollars to allow half a million immigrants from Kamala’s homeland to the US. And they are bringing their anti-black racism with them.”

Because of our history, Americans think that homelands and cultures can be changed as easily as a pair of pants. Yet that is not the case. Another Indian American, Republican Nikki Haley, has been very open to the idea of allowing millions of Indians to come to American for work, and eventually citizenship. Recall that Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Trump’s impeachment trial, showed more loyalty to his homeland of Ukraine than to the United States – that nation was even considering making him their Secretary of Defense. How many Jewish elected officials have dual citizenship in the United States and in Israel? If they had to choose between the two, are you sure they would choose America? Kamala Harris surely feels more affinity to her native cousins in India and Jamaica than she does to the descendants of America’s founding fathers. She has no loyalty to us. If she becomes President of the United States, we will be nothing to her. In her eyes, we are just evil white racist Christians who deserve to watch our heritage be erased before our very eyes. She will have no sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of white men contemplating suicide or giving in to opioids, or for the millions of families feeling hopeless as the jobs that once sustained them are exported overseas, or given to cheap foreign workers. She will not hesitate to use the American military to play geopolitical games in the Middle East, or to launch a genocidal war against Russia to distract from problems at home. For all his faults, President Trump at least recognized the forgotten men and women of America, and that is why they have become so loyal to him.

President Trump’s election in 2016 was an unexpected setback on the globalist timetable. They thought that Hillary Clinton could coast into the White House after a mock campaign waged by globalist Republicans like Jeb Bush or John Kasich, then set about completing the job that US presidents had been working on since the end of the Cold War. President Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” our country, and he did just that throughout his eight years in the White House. The Paris climate deal, the Iran nuclear deal, our involvement in Syria, the way our intelligence agencies helped overthrow the government of Ukraine – all of these had pushed America further and further into a globalist future.

But President Trump put a stop to many of these globalist endeavors; in some cases, he even reversed them. In only four years, with only tepid support from Republicans in Congress, he refused to start any new wars in the Middle East, and in fact he withdrew tens of thousands of troops that were already there. It is telling that the only time President Trump ever received praise from mainstream media was when he launched an airstrike on Syria, after accusations that Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons on Syrian rebels. The same media figures that cheered when Obama promised to bring our troops home castigated Trump when he actually did it. In fact, many in our media and political class have been more vociferous in opposition to President Trump’s troop withdrawals than they were to President Obama’s troop deployments. Why? Because withdrawing the troops does not advance the globalist agenda.

President Trump nearly shut down the refugee racket, where NGOs and other supposed non-profits import migrants into our country in exchange for big government grants. He shut down the H1B pipeline, where US corporations were importing millions of foreign workers, mostly from India, to replace American employees. He worked with the Mexican government to significantly decrease the number of illegal border crossers. He used an executive order to shut down the use of Critical Race Theory in federal government offices, which forced white employees to sit through struggle sessions that said they were evil simply because of their skin color. President Trump stood up to China, imposing tariffs to stop them from undercutting the market for US goods.

China is the elephant in the room. China is not necessarily interested in the globalist aims of people like Kamala Harris or the World Economic Forum, but they will happily make common cause with them so long as it diminishes the power and influence of the United States. For their part, China has used international bodies such as the World Health Organization to expand their influence while curtailing ours. Remember how the WHO spent the early part of this year spreading Chinese propaganda about the coronavirus outbreak? President Trump was right to cut off funding for such a traitorous international organization. Yet even American institutions are not safe. Harvard University’s School of Public Health, which sets the tone for much of our national discussion on health and safety, was renamed in 2014 to the T.H. Chan School of Public Health following a massive donation from Gerald and Ronnie Chan. According to a recent article on the Harvard Crimson, while Gerald Chan was the public face of the deal, his brother Ronnie has numerous connections to the Chinese Communist Party. Several articles have detailed the way in which the CCP uses money to buy western scientists, researchers, and organizations – I even wrote one myself for the National Pulse. Now we have a compelling case that China bought one of our premier health foundations, one that has taken a leading role in the discussions about mitigating the coronavirus pandemic. When you hear pronouncements about masks, lockdowns, or anything else that is supposed to save us all from the pandemic, did you ever consider that you might be hearing Chinese Communist propaganda that has been laundered through elite American institutions?

President Trump was a real threat to the plans of both the globalists and the Chinese Communist Party, so they worked together to defeat him. China would be much happier with Joe Biden in the White House – after all, they were eager to work with him as Vice President, and spent millions of dollars on his son Hunter to curry favor and gain influence in the Obama Administration. While the American taxpayer was bankrolling a two-year investigation of how Russia supposedly interfered with the 2016 election by buying a handful of Facebook ads, the Chinese Communist Party has been pulling our puppet strings for years. Consider this: on Election Day, when it appeared that President Trump would coast to reelection, the Chinese yuan tumbled against the dollar. In the following days, when it began to look like Biden might win, the yuan skyrocketed. Investors know that a Biden White House is very good for the Chinese Communist Party.

China, in fact, has been the beneficiary of US foreign policy since the Nixon Administration. The philosophy of the American government towards China, even after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, has been that more openness will lead to more liberalization and human rights in that country. The opposite has proved true, however. Our openness with China has not made the Chinese people freer, but it has made the American people less so. Globalists look at the Chinese Communist system that controls every facet of society as an ideal to live up to rather than an evil to be dismantled. Hollywood, the NBA, and Big Tech have all prostrated themselves before China, helping them cover up genocides and atrocities, all the while signaling their virtue to American leftists by denouncing President Trump’s travel bans or boycotting states that enforce male and female bathroom rules.

China has been building something called a social credit system for their own citizens. Here in the United States, we have credit reports compiled by companies such as Transunion and Equifax that can be used by banks, mortgage houses, and credit card companies to determine our creditworthiness. The Chinese social credit system is the same thing, but it includes not only your financial habits but your political and social views as well. Combine this with China’s high-tech facial recognition system, and you have Orwell turned up to eleven. In China, publicly expressing the “wrong” viewpoint can get you blacklisted from everything from airline travel to public transportation. The worst part? Globalist technocrats want to bring the social credit system here.

Last April, law professors from Harvard and the University of Arizona published an essay in The Atlantic calling for Chinese-style social control. The headline says, “Internet speech will never go back to normal. In the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was largely wrong.” In the article they suggest that censorship, speech control, and surveillance are all inevitable, and that the government should use the coronavirus hysteria to impose more of these things rather than restrict them. They go on to say that, “Significant monitoring and speech control are inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet, and governments must play a large role in these practices to ensure that the internet is compatible with a society’s norms and values.” Of course, when they refer to “society’s norms and values” they do not mean the traditional values of Christian Scripture and Greek empiricism that have built and sustained Western Civilization for nearly two thousand years. No, they mean globalist values of libertinism and degeneracy for the common people, ruled by a global technocratic government of unelected and untouchable bureaucrats.

The authors of this article point out that this social control has been imposed in the west not by governments but by corporations, and this is true. While we still have a Bill of Rights in the United States, it is increasingly rendered meaningless by the globalist corporations of Big Tech. Sure, we have freedom of speech, but disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement on social media can get your account banned and can even get you fired from your job. Sure, we have the right to bear arms, but if your teacher or coworker sees a rifle on your wall during your Zoom meeting, you might get suspended or fired. Sure, we have a right to privacy, we are merely required to give it up if we want to engage in any form of business or commerce.

This is the technocratic future: atomized people dutifully following the rules laid down by unaccountable committees in Big Tech firms. President Trump and the Republican Party have complained about Big Tech censorship, but thus far they have not done anything about it. If Joe Biden prevails in this contested election, it will be too late. To paraphrase Orwell yet again, the future will be an algorithm stamping on a human face – forever.


The election of President Donald Trump was only a temporary speed bump on the road to globalist utopia. While some on the left lashed out in anger and despair, the new Jacobins at the World Economic Forum simply took a deep breath and planned their next move.

In Alan Moore’s graphic novel “Watchmen,” the ultimate villain is a former superhero turned entrepreneur who hatches a plan that will kill tens of millions of people but could also lead to lasting world peace. Before he leaves for his secret base to implement his plan, he leaves a memo for his marketing department to phase out his “nostalgia” products, which had people longing for a past golden age, in favor of a “millennium” series that influences consumers to look forward to a bright future. While the new Jacobins are hardly superheroes, they do play the long game, and I am completely convinced that they seed pieces of information into our culture to prepare the ground for their plans. Hence the PR blitz over the last two years for eating bugs and living in pods, among other things. They want to make their vision of the future look cool, hip, and trendy. We see pictures of happy Millennials on their laptops in their bunks and are supposed to think that the future is bright indeed.

Even the pandemic was foreshadowed. In 2019, Bill Gates hosted a forum discussing options for handling the next pandemic, which included lockdowns and mandatory vaccines. I do not necessarily believe that the globalist technocrats engineered the coronavirus pandemic, only that they were prepared to take advantage of it. Nasty viruses like SARS, H1N1, and Ebola come and go, so all they needed to do was have a plan in place for the next inevitable outbreak. China was a willing partner in the propaganda blitz – remember the crazy pictures coming out of Wuhan? We saw people dropping dead in the streets, whole cities being sprayed with disinfectants, sick people being welded inside their own homes. That was scary, wasn’t it? We certainly did not want that to come to our communities. So, we locked down. “Fifteen days to stop the spread,” they said. “Flatten the curve,” they told us. We dutifully did what we were told. After all, this could have been another Black Plague or Spanish Flu. Like the ancient Romans, we willingly handed our leaders supreme power to handle a crisis, expecting them to hand it back when the crisis was done.

Yet we did not learn from history. Rarely do dictators return power to the people, rather they make sure that the crisis never ends. “Fifteen days to stop the spread” has turned into eight months and counting. Some so-called public health experts are suggesting that we will have to remain locked down for years! We have also seen the rules unequally applied. Church services, funerals, and family gatherings were shut down, while Black Lives Matter protests were not only tolerated but encouraged, even by the “heroic” front line health workers who demanded we stay in our homes. The mayor of Washington, DC ordered that anyone traveling out of state quarantine for fourteen days, yet she exempted all the political leaders who left the city to attend John Lewis’ funeral.

Meanwhile, petty authoritarian governors like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Gavin Newsom of California abused their power to shut down whatever they felt like – department stores, restaurants, house parties, and more. Newsom went as far as to threaten to shut off utilities to John MacArthur’s church building. Tinpot totalitarian Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City sent his gestapo to arrest orthodox Jews at synagogue, all the while calling President Trump the next Hitler.

In Australia, police are using drones to track your movements and cite you if you go further from your house than you are supposed to. They will also break down your door and arrest you if you disparage the lockdown on social media. The United Kingdom just enacted a draconian new lockdown that has police issuing fines and even arresting people for stepping outside their doors. The government laid out new guidelines for what social activities are permissible, going so far as to regulate conjugal contact between adults – not out of a sense of morality, but simply because they can.

It is insane how quickly western democracies shifted from taking their freedom for granted to accepting autocratic oppression over our freedom of movement and our right to peaceably assemble. Perhaps the most insidious public health initiative crafted in response to the pandemic is that of contact tracing. Under this system, our phones or smart devices would track our every move, and algorithms would determine if we came into contact with anyone who might have had the virus. Governments are promising millions of dollars to hire contract tracers to track us, and even to forcibly test us if they think we might have been exposed.

In a move that is surely a sign of things to come, Ticketmaster is considering forcing anyone who attends one of their events to carry proof of vaccination before being allowed entry. Should this trend continue, we might find ourselves unable to conduct any sort of business in the new economy without showing our digital papers. It sounds almost apocalyptic, does it not? Some of the same left-wing activists who have long protested government surveillance have turned on a dime and are now welcoming that very surveillance under the umbrella of public health. All our technocratic overlords had to do to get us to willingly give up our freedoms was to say that it is necessary because of the pandemic.

The most consequential effects of the coronavirus response are perhaps in the presidential election of 2020. Citing concerns about the pandemic, Democratic lawmakers pushed for mail-in voting. Unlike absentee voting, where registered voters manually request a ballot that they return before polls close, mail-in voting simply carpet-bombs ballots throughout the whole state, often without any verification. In the weeks before Election Day, social media was full of stories about ballots arriving at the wrong house, or people getting multiple copies of ballots.  Despite even mainstream media sources having once admitted that mail-in voting was prone to fraud, those claims disappeared down the memory hole when it became clear that mail-in voting was going to be the method by which the Democrats and the globalists could regain control of the American government. Twitter, taking a page from Orwell’s 1984, propagandized mail-in voting, even going so far as to ban users who suggested that mail-in voting was anything less than 100% safe and reliable. Democrats even tried to push all-mail voting on the entire country in an amendment slipped in to one of their COVID stimulus bills.

You could make the argument that Washington and Oregon, which shifted to all-mail voting several years ago, did not have any obvious problems. However, those states have had time to perfect the system, while other states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have not, and their systems were clearly not prepared for the number of ballots they not only had to count but to verify. Besides, consider when was the last time a Republican won a statewide election in Washington or Oregon?

Recounts, audits, and court cases regarding the 2020 election are still playing out as I write this, and the ultimate outcome is very much in doubt. It is clear, however, that the pandemic, lockdown, and mail-in voting put the Democrats in a position to defeat President Trump. As of January of this year, Trump was on his way to a landslide rivaling that of Richard Nixon in 1972 or Ronald Reagan in 1984. Then the globalists and Democrats fired every weapon they had, and the only chance remaining for President Trump to win reelection will be in the hands of the Supreme Court.

Manipulating elections is not unheard of for the new Jacobins. During the Cold War, the CIA used to instigate coups in communist nations to install governments that were more friendly to the United States. During the 21st century, the CIA has been engaged in all sorts of shenanigans in foreign nations. These coups have become collectively known as “color revolutions,” as each one has its own colorful codename. The protests in 2009 against the Iranian regime were called the Green Revolution. The first revolt of the so-called Arab Spring was the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia. The uprising that forced out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 was labeled the Lotus Revolution. In 2014, the CIA was surely involved in the overthrow of the pro-Russian president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Several Obama Administration officials were involved with the movement to depose the previous president and install someone who was more friendly to the European Union. It was these same officials who were involved with spying on the Trump campaign, transition team, and administration just three years later. The switch to mail-in ballots, which are easily manipulated, was all part of the same soft coup that our Deep State bureaucrats have been working on since before President Trump was even inaugurated. Former White House official Darren Beattie was warning all summer that the globalist Deep State was preparing its own color revolution for America, and what happened on Election Night seems to have proven him correct.

Beyond the election, however, the pandemic response has damaged our economy and the very fabric of our society. Tens of thousands of small businesses went bankrupt this year. The restaurant industry was hit hard, and only the national chains are going to weather the storm. Your local family-owned diner is gone, while Amazon and Walmart have reported record profits. Tens of millions of people are out of work, for no other reason than the government forced their employers to close their doors. This total economic control by an all-powerful central government is what we would have expected in Soviet Russia or Communist China, not in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Worse than the lockdowns themselves, however, is the response of the American people. Some, mostly on the right, are fed up, and have vowed never to wear a mask or take a vaccine, but the rest of America is slowly becoming used to the new normal. They have become acclimated to the point where they welcome further lockdowns and mask mandates in the name of public health. Anyone criticizing these mandates is derided as selfish, someone who does not care about his neighbors, and wants elderly people to die. Social shame becomes almost as powerful as the mandates themselves. The whole country is being conditioned to accept these outrageous intrusions on our liberty. New York state is instituting border controls and will refuse entry to American citizens who do not have proof of a negative COVID test. As soon as a vaccine is released, you can bet that presenting proof of vaccination will become necessary for all sorts of business, from employment to entry into a grocery store. We all thought that the dystopian nightmare of a masked policeman demanding to see your papers could never happen here, but it is about to, and half the country will welcome it.

Social trust and cohesion have been damaged as well, perhaps irreparably. The weekend before the election I was passing out campaign literature in my neighborhood. My Millennial and Generation X neighbors were mostly fine with that, but my Boomer and Silent Gen neighbors looked askance at me, as if I were a leprous pariah who had no business coming to their door. One elderly woman was panicked, refusing to even touch the paperwork I had in my hand, lest she be exposed to the Wuhan Flu. I have acquaintances who have become so anxious about COVID that they have canceled their usual Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers. All this for a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate – slightly worse than the standard flu.

Yet it is exactly this sort of social distrust that is part of the Great Reset itself. Traditional society is built from the ground up, as people form families, and families form communities. The bonds within these communities are the foundation of a nation, a civilization. Totalitarian regimes have always despised these bonds, which is why they have always hated rural communities and loved big cities. In a rural community, men can take care of themselves, and they work with their neighbors to do whatever is necessary. In big cities, everyone depends on centralized infrastructure and government social services.

In Soviet Russia and Communist China, people are moved around to break up potential resistance centers. Remember the propaganda from the World Economic Forum: atomized people living in pods, eating bugs, living in giant cities where they take mass transit to their jobs? Atomized people are easier to control than strong families and strong communities. The globalist dream is for all your needs to be met by an omnipotent, benevolent, government. Consumerism will replace community. Who needs community when you have a million followers on Instagram? Who needs a tribe when you can order toys from Amazon and have them delivered by drone? Who needs land to live freely on when you have virtual reality?

There is a racial component to the Great Reset as well. The TIME Magazine feature that I mentioned earlier has more than one article that talks about so-called racial justice. In the globalist worldview, white Americans and Europeans are an illegitimate people. We have no homelands, no heritage, no culture, and no rights to exist. We are made to apologize for slavery, for colonialism, for imperialism, for the holocaust, and even for our very existence. Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project teach that every social structure in our society was built for the purpose of upholding white supremacy while oppressing anyone with a different skin color. These philosophies demand that our whole society be torn down in the name of racial justice. This too is part of their “Great Reset”. Our children are taught that they are guilty of the original sin of racism, and only by giving up everything their fathers bequeathed to them can they even approach absolution.

Earlier this year, the National Museum of African American History and Culture published a poster showing what they called aspects of white culture in the United States. Some of their many examples of so-called white culture include rugged individualism, the nuclear family, the scientific method, a love of history, the Protestant work ethic, planning for the future, and justice based on the English common law. One might be tempted to point out that all these things are good values that enabled our ancestors to build the greatest civilization in human history, but that would be racist. In this new anti-racist paradigm, lauding hard work is offensive and expecting justice to be blind is wrong. Recall that the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement once called for the destruction of the nuclear family, before bad PR convinced them to erase that bit from their website. This is not racial justice; this is the great communist reset wearing a racial costume, in the same manner that it wears a feminist costume or environmentalist costume. Underneath each one is the same desire to remake society, to remake human nature itself, no matter the cost.

Ironically, the black family in America was beginning to heal after centuries of slavery just as the welfare state came along to put the nail in its coffin. What was helping the black family were very things that are now being labeled as white supremacist – hard work, the nuclear family, and planning for the future. Welfare destroyed all that by kicking black men out of the home and replacing them with the government dole. Every attempt to reform welfare has only made the problem worse. Whole generations of black people are growing up entirely within the welfare system. For many of them, work is for chumps – you make less than you get while on welfare, and you have to follow all those white supremacist rules like showing up on time and having a good attitude.

Fifty years ago, Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan drafted a report on the black family for President Nixon. In this report Moynihan warned that white families were preparing to go down the same road, and history has proven him correct. The nuclear family in America is crumbling, and children are being raised by single parents, or two mothers, two fathers, or no parents at all. This too is all part of the plan of the Great Reset. Whereas the Roman orator Cicero correctly identified marriage and the family as the first bond of society, globalist technocrats see the family as an impediment to their plans. Families are loyal to each other, while rootless individuals are only loyal to the state. Families change your perspective. A childless Millennial might be content to live in a tiny house, share his living space with ten other people, eat reprocessed bugs, and use mass transit every day. On the other hand, a man with a wife and children must think beyond himself. He must think ahead to what sort of world he will leave to his posterity. It is exactly this sort of forward thinking that creates civilizations and is therefore exactly what the Great Reset seeks to erase.

Look at the technocrats themselves and see what their own families are like. Kamala Harris is childless. So too are Angela Merkel of Germany and Emmanuel Macron of France. The Clintons have one child, who also has one child. These rootless childless Jacobins have neither loyalty to the past nor any investment in the future. They talk about making the world better for future generations, but that desire is entirely abstract; because they have no skin in the game, they end up leaving things worse instead.

Now look back at the year 2020 with all of this in mind. In January, President Trump was coasting to reelection on one of the best economies in American history. Nationalism is rising, not only in America but throughout the world. The forgotten men and women of America are coming together in a shared movement, exactly what the globalist left has been trying to prevent. President Trump promised that “we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,” and he was working toward that end.

With their long-planned revolution in danger, what is a globalist technocrat to do?

Along comes a pandemic. It turns out to be a very viral disease that can kill the elderly or people with comorbidities. Ten or twenty years ago we might have let it run its course, maybe do a PR campaign reminding people to wash their hands and suggest that people more at risk should take extra precautions. Instead, however, we locked down our economy, forced people to wear masks, provoked millions of layoffs, and introduced an entirely untested and vulnerable mail-in voting system. Weddings, funerals, and Thanksgiving dinners were discouraged or even banned, while BLM riots were encouraged. The country was left on a knife’s edge.

Many on the right are almost looking forward to a hot civil war, thinking we can finally defeat our enemies and take our country back once and for all. However, even a hot civil war can still be used for globalist aims. A civil war invites international intervention, and China – ever the globalist ally – stands ready to take one side or the other. Civil war or secession mean more international involvement in America’s affairs, not less.

So, what is a patriotic American nationalist to do?

First, we must be realistic. At the time of this writing, President Trump has filed lawsuits alleging voter fraud in several swing states. If he is successful in court, he wins the election and remains in office for four more years. However, there is no guarantee that he will succeed. As distasteful as it sounds, we must be prepared for a Biden/Harris administration that will undo many of the gains that Trump made on our behalf. We must be prepared for a return to Obama-era globalism, now on steroids. There is no hidden plan to save our country, there is no Q out there sharing hints about top secret information for those who know how to read his cryptic messages. There is only you, me, and the rest of the seventy-five million people who have supported President Trump in his efforts to return America to the forgotten men and women of this country. We cannot simply sit back and wait for someone to rescue us, as if we are a damsel in distress. Even if President Trump is successful, we still live in a nation more divided than it has been since the Civil War, and every political contest will be a battlefield for America’s future.

Next, we must be focused. The reason the left is so much better at organization and political action is because this is their focus, this is their life, this is their religion. Not so for most conservatives. We have families, we have jobs, we have church. Many of us would rather sit back and watch the football game than do the hard work of organizing. I have been heartened to see so many people come out to the Trump rallies, as well as the Stop the Steal rallies in the state capitols earlier this week. However, it is difficult to sustain this level of energy for long. Eventually our regular lives will beckon. We survived eight years of Bill Clinton, we survived eight years of Barack Obama. How much worse can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be, some might ask. Remember, though, that these people have promised to finish the job Obama started in fundamentally transforming our society. The green new deal will destroy American businesses, and even driving a car might not be affordable in the near future. Wokeism will continue to infect everything, from entertainment to music to sports to your own job. Joe Biden has already promised to rescind Trump’s executive order banning Critical Race Theory struggle sessions from government jobs; in fact, he will likely find a way to extend it to all of us. We just want to be left alone, but the globalist agenda will not let us live in peace. They are interested in us, and in our children.

Further, we must direct our focus to the local level. We should hope and pray and do everything else we can to help President Trump succeed in this contest, but we cannot neglect our states, our counties, and our communities. One of the ways in which left was able to achieve so much power was by taking control at the local level. City councils, state legislatures, district attorneys, secretaries of state – these positions all exert influence over our daily lives, as well as the direction of our country as a whole. The reason that the McCloskeys were persecuted for brandishing firearms on their own property is because their district attorney is a left-wing extremist. The reason the Democrats were able to commit so much electoral fraud in big cities is because they control the state election boards. Run for local office. If you cannot run, then support like-minded people who can. Write letters to your council members, your legislators, and your governor. A Biden/Harris administration would be bad for America, but we have a tremendous opportunity to establish safeguards for freedom and liberty in our own states and communities.

We must be ready for anything. It is easy enough to say that we should be ready for a hot war, but it is easier said than done. Get out of the cities – they are bad for your soul anyway, and if a shooting war does start, they will not be safe. Move as far into the country as you can and learn to take care of yourself. Every one of us should know how to maintain a car, fix a broken pipe, make electricity work, use a computer, and communicate in an encrypted manner. We should all be getting to know our neighbors and know who will have our backs when times get tough. We must be in good physical condition – put down the chips and breadsticks, cut the carbs, and start lifting weights. We must be in good mental and emotional condition too. Turn off the TV, cut off your addiction to sports, stop giving money to people who hate you, who use it to demoralize you and propagandize your children, and pick up something useful. Read the classics. Read helpful non-fiction. Read your Bible.

We must also be prepared to take on the role of dissident. I believe God has a plan for our country, and for each one of us, but that plan might not be what we wish it were. God’s plan for us might be to be like the underground church in Communist China, having clandestine services and keeping the true Word of God alive beneath the nose of an oppressive government. It might be that of the Spanish Reconquista, to slowly win back the territory that Christendom has lost over the centuries. It might be that of the early Christians in the Roman Empire, who showed their faith even as they were mercilessly hunted down and killed. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that the time of living comfortably is over. A century of comfortable living in America has created a church that is fat and lazy, sloppy with the Word of God, and all too accommodating of modern immorality and degeneracy. The Church of God is due for a winnowing, and I pray that God will find us faithful, and allow us to be part of the remnant He always promises to leave.

Globalism cannot coexist with Christianity. Globalism is the religion of the builders of the Tower of Babel, who sought to capture heaven for themselves. The fact that the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg, France was deliberately built to resemble classical depictions of the Tower of Babel is no accident. We are witnesses yet another rendition of the same supernatural battle between good and evil that has been playing out on our world for untold millennia. The globalist aims of organizations like the World Economic Forum are the same demonic ideas that have plagued the people of God since time began. Like the French Revolution, like the Communism of Marx, and the Cultural Revolution of Mao’s China, the Great Reset is yet another attempt to erase the Christian heritage of our world, and with it all knowledge of our God.

We know that our God is greater than the god of this world and all his minions. We know that our God wins in the end. The question is, are you ready to step up and join the fight?

Brian Almon is a writer and entrepreneur. In addition to Men of the West, you can find his work at The Decline and Fall of the United States of America and The National Pulse.

Brian lives with his wife and children in Idaho.

Follow Brian on Gab and Telegram.

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