The Necessity of Rabid Puppies.

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Editors Note:  If you are unfamiliar with the Hugo Awards controversy, this will make little sense to you.  We suggest that you refer to:  Rabid Puppies, Sad Puppies, The Hugo Awards )
Earlier this week, The Black Gate posted an article that included a libelous accusation:

For the past few years, the Sad and Rabid Puppies – guided by an actual neo-Nazi – have campaigned against what they perceive as the recent politicization of SFF as a genre

He’s Actually Quite Pleasant

The libel, here, is the idea that the Rabid Puppies (and for that matter, the Sad Puppies) are guided by a NAZI, neo or otherwise.  Vox Day has publicly posted that the matter is being resolved to his satisfaction.  And since he was the one libeled, if he’s happy with the resolution, we see no reason to beat a dead horse.  But what we do want to talk about is that this unfortunate incident highlights the reason that the Sad Puppies came into existence, and why the Rabid Puppies had to separate.
Noted author Larry Correia started the Sad Puppies campaign after becoming convinced that nobody who was not a left wing loon could win the Hugo Award because there were groups colluding to keep them out. And he was attacked by the left for not just saying so, but he also pretty much conclusively proved it.  Later, the Rabid Puppies split away from the Sad Puppies over tactical differences.  And one of those major differences was that you can’t make peace with a group of people who will libel you every chance they get.  The SJW‘s in Science Fiction and Fantasy made, and are continuing to make, it perfectly clear that they will only accept an end to hostilities when there is nobody from the political right permitted into the public discourse. So they have devoted themselves to make sure that anybody of the political right will be libeled or slandered as a NAZI (even though the National Socialist German Workers Party was a political organization of the Left).
The question before us is not whether or not we will fight.  Of course we will fight.  We did not choose this fight, we did not start this fight, but the fight is upon us and we intend to win it.  The enemy has made themselves known, and they have made their intentions clear:  the complete and total destruction of the West.  The Men of the West cannot and will not accept this outcome.  So we must fight, and we must win.  And that is why the world needs the Rabid Puppies.  Because unlike the Sad Puppies, who merely want a place at the table, the Rabid Puppies have realized what the stakes are, and that this is a fight that we must ultimately win, if we want for there to be a future worth living in.
In libeling Vox Day as a Nazi, Foz Meadow has simply highlighted once again that the conditions for a peaceful resolution of the cultural dispute in sci-fi and fantasy is to drive the SJW’s out.  And lest you believe that this is necessity, we suggest that you read The Left Hand of Darkness: An Anecdotal Investigation into Science Fiction’s Archipelago of Sexual Deviants and how their influence leads the media to mainstream Pedophilia by The Twin Red Shadows of Justice [ed. Free with Kindle Unlimited] so that you can see just how far the rabbit hole goes.  It’s not a pretty picture and there are some very very disturbing things that this culture of deviancy has enabled.  We also recommend that you read the Safe Space as Rape Room series at the Castalia House blog which, while nominated for a Hugo Award, was not included in the Hugo Packet.  The Hugo Awards claimed that they didn’t want to violate any laws against spreading pedophilia, however, as the series is an expose on pedophilia in the sci-fi and fantasy subculture, we here at the Men of the West don’t buy the excuse.  Read it and draw your own conclusions.
Hopefully, it is clear now why there can never be compromise with these people.


  1. Fifty years of loss has taught us well that ANY compromise with the left, the purveyors of degeneracy, the followers of Shiva, is not compromise… it is absolute surrender.

  2. Herodotus – he is brilliant. He is also the author of the book “SJWs Always Lie” and one of the organizers of the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies groups. You will want to pick up the book if nothing else. It can help you at work dealing with Social Justice Warriors in a professional setting.

  3. Actually I do have an issue with it.
    Rabid puppies have been called Nazis. We need to bring a class action suit against this sort of libelous trash.

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