What Is Black And White And Red All Over?

August 6, 2018
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If you grew up like me, you heard that riddle when you were small and didn’t really get it.  The answer, of course, is the Newspaper.  And it alludes to the fact that the press has, for years, been extremely biased to the political left.  The Press is acting as if this “Lack of Civility” is Donald Trump’s fault.  But the truth is, they’ve been slandering anybody to the right of FDR since the 1930’s and they know it.
These are the same people that paid people to sort through Sarah Palin’s trash, but who couldn’t figure out where Barack Obama was born.  These are the people who reported extensively on the Abu-Graib prison abuses but couldn’t be bothered with Fast and Furious.  These are the people who thought that some vulgar language from Donald Trump was inexcusable, but Hillary Clinton running State Department e-mails through an insecure server in her bathroom closet wasn’t newsworthy.
And it has been going on for years.  If you’ve been anywhere close to Conservative circles, you know that these papers are referred to frequently as The New York Slimes and The Washington Compost. The New York Times has been forced to admit that their reporting from the Soviet Union regarding Stalin’s Ukranian Genocide were lies.
And this brings us to Jim Acosta and CNN.  He asked Sarah Sanders last week if she would contradict President Trump’s claim that the Press is the Enemy of the American People.  This is after CNN has been overtly hostile to the Trump Administration, constantly reporting on the things the administration has done in the worst possible light.  All the while, they ignore the violence that the left is perpetrating on this country.
Where was Jim Acosta when Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe ordered the Virginia State Police to fall back in the ill fated Charlottesville rally?  Lets just be perfectly clear here.  Just because having the rally was stupid, and the Alt-Retards took it over, does not absolve the police from the responsibility to keep the peace.  If they had done their sworn duty and kept the two groups apart, nobody would have died.  Here’s a question for Jim Acosta and the other professional journalists.  Just because you disagree with somebody’s ideology, does that make it ok to selectively report on an event?  I’ll give you the answer.  No.  It does not.  And that’s what they have done, and do, and will continue to do as long as people continue to put up with it.  President Trump said that there were good people on both sides in that rally, and the media selectively forgot in their reporting that it started off as a bunch of ordinary people who were unhappy about the removal of Confederate Memorials, and instead implied that he was supporting the Alt-Retards.  If there were still anything that could be considered “Journalistic Ethics,” then the mainstream press would have told a full and complete story of what happened there.  Instead, they tried to make Antifa look like a bunch of poor innocent little protesters who never did anything to anybody.
The Mainstream Press doesn’t report on events anymore.  They create a narrative and selectively report things that support the narrative.   And with the rise of the internet, where they no longer hold a monopoly on how information gets out, they are doubling down trying to make people believe the narrative they are trying to push.  And the harder they push, the more people realize that they’re being fed a load of crap.  This is why Infogalactic is so important.  It’s all in the second cannon:

Infogalactic is non-ideological and seeks to present objective points of view.
Since no human being on the planet is neutral, objectivity is the most for which we can reasonably strive. Infogalactic is non-ideological and the Starlords will ruthlessly eliminate all ideological spin, framing, narrative, and context from the Fact-level pages regardless of whether they agree with it or not.

There has to be a source of information that stands for the Truth.  The mainstream press has abdicated that responsibility.   Infogalactic is intended to fill that role.  We don’t need to end up in a world where Wikipedia is the bulwark of information for the political left, and Conservapedia is for the political right.  We need a place where we can simply get to the truth.  And that’s Infogalactic.  You’ve really got to ask yourselves why the Social Justice Warriors are so afraid of it.  As long as it follows it’s stated purpose, what possible objection could anybody have to it?
And with that being said, I am sure that this will come as a surprise to nobody, but it appears that our Men of the West Twitter account has been shadowbanned.   Which is weird, because we almost exclusively use it to post links to our articles; we don’t actively try to get into arguments with it.  It’s a very low key thing, we’re not like Milo.
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  1. The QFD shadowban is probably based on who MOTW follows or who follows you. My “alt” account, which has literally three tweets, all done the day I set it up, and which has never interacted with anyone, also has a QFD ban. QFD is a tool to silence and type of account, as determined by whether they have the right friends.

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