It has come to our attention that Allen Armentrout, the man who drove to Charlottesville, Virginia, faced down a mob of screaming, hateful, communists, and did not flinch, has been unenrolled from Pensacola Christian College where he was preparing to complete his senior year. 

Now, we don’t know him personally, and we don’t know much about him except what he did in Virginia.  But he stood up for what he believed in.  He defended his heritage.   And now he’s had his name slandered and the gutless wonders at PCC have tried to quietly be rid of him.  The administration at Pensacola Christian College should be deeply ashamed of themselves.  The people that Armentrout stood up against would not hesitate to burn that college to the ground.  They would deny them the freedom to worship God.

Frankly, Allen Armentrout is too good for them.  We wish him the best and salute him for a job well done.

If you haven’t watched the video of the encounter, be sure to do so.  But be forewarned that the communists he faced said some things that were not suitable for polite company. The video is embedded in the linked article above.