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American Civil War

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Yesterday, a super informed friend of mine was making an intelligent point during a conversation. She noted that if the Senate would change the rules back to the pre-Harry Reid norms, the Democrat majority in the Senate would be largely irrelevant because they would need 2/3rds of the Senate in order to get anything done. This is not a dumb position. It’s a very well thought out idea and something I’m sure the GOP is talking about.

But I shut her down completely because I simply couldn’t bother to think in those terms anymore.

Rules? We’re sitting here talking about how to make some changes in the rules? These people just openly stole elections for all to see. They don’t care about rules. They don’t care about laws or anything else. They only care about power.

Do you think Democrats wring their hands about whether or not the Constitution gives them the power to do whatever it is they want to do? No. They don’t. Expecting a Democrat to care about the Constitution is like expecting an armed robber to respect a “No Firearms Allowed” sign.

Why are we talking about the Constitution, when it clearly does not apply to those who refuse to abide by it?

Stop it.

It’s well past time to throw out the rules. The enemy doesn’t play by the rules. They only weaponize them. Change the way you think. As the Right, we pride ourselves on dealing in reality. We take the world as it is, not as we wish it would be. We need to live up to that expectation now.

Nations are made up of a people with shared characteristics: shared history, shared heroes, shared stories, common ideals and goals, common ideas of fairness and right and wrong. If you look around, you will see the population of the United States no longer has those. We have groups within our nation that love and revile the same man. We can’t even agree on words like Antebellum or Amen. There is no nation here anymore. We are now more like Iraq, where you have a single government struggling to exert power over multiple nations that hate each other.

Change is here. It isn’t coming. It’s here. There is reason to believe that there is an active Civil War already taking place within the United States. It’s already started. That is what you should be focused on. Votes? Voting? None of that matters now.

This is what you should be asking: Can the Civil War be contained? Should it be contained? Is there a peaceful way to end this conflict and just mutually go our own ways?

You shouldn’t be worrying about whether or not Joe Biden is sworn in as fake president of the dead United States government.

You should be worrying about what government will be replacing this one when the dust settles. Will we defeat our enemies and drive them out completely to preserve the United States as we imagine it was? Or do we simply desire to secede and make our own path, as is our God given right, as declared in our foundational documents?

The System of peaceful transfer of power within the government of the United States is broken and it cannot be repaired without radical action. And that radical action itself may simply be more than it would be worth to bother saving it. It may well be better to let it die and rebuild something else.

Your time is better spent considering these big questions than worrying about the political maneuverings within a government that is already dead.

As a wise man said recently, it’s probably a good time to make sure you have a good two-week supply of all of your necessities.


  1. This is certainly an interesting time to be stationed within 100 miles of D.C. 2 weeks for my family is easy, it’s making sure the idgit butter bars and junior enlisted have more than 48 hours water, TP and chow that’s giving me headaches

  2. The “Republic” has been dead for quite some time. The actions of the treasonous in the national legislature has finally awakened a few more to it’s death? Is it worth saving in current form, when, local, state, and federal levels of government all break their oaths, laws, and the constitution they are sworn to uphold? We are at the precipice, and “what comes next” is anyone’s guess? As is, it will not continue in it’s current state, as the author states. No tinkering of rules will help, when laws are openly ignored, except by us “little people”. The rule of law, is dead, and has been for some time too. I wish the Rubicon would be crossed. I know, be careful what you wish for, it may come true…

  3. January 6 seemed to be merely a death throe of the Republic–possibly the final one. I’m not sure what to do/think next. I withdrew my consent of the governed last month. I felt pride watching patriots occupy the Hill, but that was short lived as person after person called them domestic terrorists (and this is after years of the left starting fires, beating people up, destroying public statues, etc.). As is it is not worth saving. Will we start something new? Will we go underground?

  4. Guy I follow on Twitter was going on about a proposed bill to eliminate the Electoral College, babbling on about they needed 3/4 the States to agree to be able to do it. I told him we are not playing by those rules anymore. A lot of people are still struggling with what stealing this election really means.

  5. @Shannon don’t let the bastards rob you of pride in your people. Those patriots occupying the Hill are something to be proud of. Why else would your enemies be denouncing so? Be unreconstructed.

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