Critical Race Theory Is A Lie

June 9, 2020
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America is not a racist country. The problem is not Racism. The problem is the acceptance of Critical Race Theory and its assumptions. Let’s walk through some of these assumptions and talk briefly about Critical Race Theory: what it is, where it came from, and how it became so widely accepted.

Let’s think about something. When was the first time you remember hearing someone talk about privilege? It probably wasn’t all that long ago. That’s not a coincidence because all of that crap about white privilege comes from Critical Race Theory, and Critical Race Theory is actually pretty new.

Critical Race Theory was created and spread at the haven of so many other cancers – Harvard Law School. If there has been one institution responsible for more destruction in American Society than Harvard University, I don’t know what it is. But that’s a column for another day. In the early 80s, at Harvard Law, this nonsense was introduced by a professor by the name of Derrick Bell. And its primary tenets and purpose were to teach that racism permeates through all American Society and all American Culture. America and Racism are one in the same, and no part of America is not racist. By the early 2000s, critical race theory was taught at over 20 law schools. And now, it is accepted and taught at virtually every university in the United States. Regardless of the fact that it is entirely baseless.

But it goes much further than that. Pretty much every psycho far left term from Microaggression to Intersectionalism was created from the framework of Critical Race Theory. All of it. Women’s Studies? They are teaching Critical Race Theory, even though they likely don’t realize it. Sociology? Oh yeah. Communication? Yep. American Studies? Yep, even American Studies is now taught through the lens of Critical Race Theory. Virtually all political science is taught through that same lens. Now how many kids graduate from college without taking at least one course in one of those fields? Almost none. And that is why now, CRT is accepted as fact. Because their college professor said so.

OK, but what are the tenets of CRT that make it so evil? CRT is completely different than classical liberalism, which embraced color blindness. MLK, Jr would’ve been disgusted by CRT. Instead, it forces race into all aspects of life. See, primarily CRT relies on story telling, individuals telling you all about “their own personal truth”. And see, you can’t dispute that. The entire frame work of CRT is based in moral relativism. And on top of that, Critical Race Theory teaches its own bizarre and made up construction of American Social Structure that cannot be defended intellectually. And that is why the story telling is so important. It is the emotional appeal of the whole system that makes it so easy to sell. For example, the theory is so revisionist and utterly retarded that it teaches that the civil rights improvements that took place in the 60 and 70s were actually perpetuated to benefit white elites and only white elites. It provides no evidence for this of course. It’s a truism, to the extent that a theory based on whim can have a truism.

The fact that this garbage has been allowed to fester and metastasize in our university system is proof of how utterly bankrupt our academics really are. There is no rigor and clearly there has not been in several decades.

Critical Race Theory is evil, destructive, degenerate, and factually incorrect. It was invented to replace the old defeated economic arguments of communism, when the communists realized those arguments were lost. In the crudest possible ways, the Haves and Have-nots have been replaced with Whites and Not-Whites. It is destroying our Country, our States, our Cities, our Churches, and even our families. Whenever you hear the word privilege, let it ring in your ears like a siren. You’re listening to the mindless jabberings of an idiot college kid who learned some Critical Race Theory in Sociology class and was dumb enough to accept it.

Reject this stupidity.

Critical Race Theory is a lie. Any University that allows it to be taught on their campus should lose all academic accreditation.

No… scratch that… They should be burned to the ground.


  1. Mr. Lind’s Victoria has an alternate possibility for clearing out the deadwood that has some appeal.

  2. I agree with the premise that Critical Race Theory is bad, based solely on the fruits, but other than that you’ve provided no real arguments against it, nor have you clearly defined what it is other than people’s feelings. This feels like you’re turning it into a straw man, which is bad because when we really need to oppose Critical Race Theory, people will turn need well-reasoned arguments to counter it.

    • I have had a few people make comments like this. I suppose I’ll have to make a follow up article to this. The problems are well described in the piece… but obviously people are missing it.

      Here is the bullet point version:

      – CRT relies on mythology… a fake alternative history that never happened. It’s literally built on lies. It claims that America was built by minorities and that it was stolen from them. Everything from the city of Chicago to the Washington Monument was built by slaves according to critical race theory.

      – CRT relies on anecdotes… rather than applying actual historical standards or even sociological standards… it employs anecdotes. Because anecdotes cannot be debated. It’s testimony. Basically it is religion.

      – CRT is destructive. It creates victims and enrages one part of society with the rest of it… providing it with its own history, its own heroes, its own villains. If you wanted to build a nation…this is how you would do it.

  3. Well stated. Pragmatic, concise and meted out without sugar-coating the facts. CRT is perhaps the most delusional ideology that has ever gained a significant following in the US. Like any blind-leading-the-blind doctrine, those that embrace the faulty logic of CRT are those that absolutely refuse to acquiesce to simple truths. While some of these individuals actually believe this baseless garbage, others continue to adhere to the lies on the sheer basis of a refusal to admit that they were wrong. Because CRT is a magnet for this ignoramus personality type, its cycle will be more than difficult to break. I praise you for your candor, passion and sheer honesty in writing this piece.

  4. Yes, had a great conversation with another family met out on the street about this.

    The interesting thing is that both families (mine and his) are “Mountain People.” Literal people who live in the conservative mountains with liberal cesspits on the bottom of the mountain (the flatlander portion of my county is better than his).

    The Mountain Culture “Mountain Football on 3…” “Defend the Mountain on 3…” (football cheers our boys yell from 7 years old to seniors in high school) is more than just in sports.

    Our community and county feels like a Switzerland amidst a cesspit Europe (not that current Switzerland is ideal, more the historic Switzerland), our state is one of the worst (but God, may this recall go through I pray you)!


    Keep the faith, keep speaking up boldly, and keep the powder dry!

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