Beware False Flags

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Following the January 6th excitement at the Capitol, the mainstream media and the Democrat party (but I repeat myself) have been desperate to paint the political right as violent extremists. Washington DC is filled to the brim with National Guardsmen these days, and that isn’t good enough for the Democrats. They are absolutely terrified and have gone so far as to demand that the Army segregate out any registered Republicans. This is not the behavior of a party that won a landslide victory. This is the behavior of cheats who expect their comeuppance.

They have been setting the stage for false flags for ages. To borrow a phrase from the fake news, they have made the baseless claim that the greatest threat to this country is right wing “extremism”. We all know that the media will uncritically parrot whatever the political Left tells them.

But here’s the thing that you all need to remember. Whatever happens between now and Wednesday is Trump’s call and he said to remain peaceful. Trump has as much to lose as any of us from these lunatics. Don’t go to DC. Don’t go to the state capitals. Just go about your business as normal. Go to church and pray.

Should the usurper manage to make it to the White House we are going to have to fight. The Democrats have plans to do things that cannot be tolerated. Make your preparations. Dig in. If you live in a place where you are vulnerable, move to someplace that will respect your rights. Local sheriffs mean a lot. If you’re in a Democrat-run shithole, it is past time to go. You are risking your life and the life of your family by staying put.

A fight is imminent. But today is not the day. They have lied, cheated, stolen, and engaged in a massive censorship campaign to try to cover it up. This is not how you win a fourth generation war. Don’t do anything to bail them out.

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  1. The leftist marxists are determined to instigate any action that would allow immediate implementation of Marshall law and the abrogation of rights,particularly the 1st and 2nd amendments. Do not take the bait! Let them make the first move. There is a ridiculous video posted on farcebook,”Wake up call for republicans”which pretty much tells conservatives what the leftists think of us. A woke scolding blather from some SJW excoriating 75,000,000 Americans for wrong think! A giant scowling white face on a black background puking up dystopian terms such as “re-education” and “deprogramming” . Orwellian! The days ahead are going to be interesting indeed.

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