Closing Ranks Against Us

October 12, 2021
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The prevailing operating division in the country right now is by class. There are two basic classes.

The Professional Class: This class includes politicians, technocrats, MBA managers, government officials, medical professionals, university professors, and those who fancy themselves fellow travelers (Trust the Science! I fucking love science!). It is encompassed by the phrase, “They all went to the same schools.”

The Rest of Us: You know who you are.

The following article and the Canadian doctor’s story are illustrative of the Professional Class closing ranks to prioritize promulgation of their COVID narrative, and thus reinforce their organizational chart, over an effort by an individual physician at reasonable care or honorable service toward a patient. This is some serious selection for class affinity.

At some level these medical professionals and administrators know what they are doing to the unwashed working people by discouraging attempts to save their lives. They are not completely convinced by their own illogic, nor are they convinced by their upside down risk/reward equation re: “Dude’s dying anyway. Might as well try something” It hasn’t escaped them that this “something” usually proposed is almost always some type of especially innocuous medication and is frequently a common household medicine in much of the world.

We are witnessing the prioritization of their class affinity over the lives of their fellow man. Even to the extent they will sacrifice the lives of others within their own self-identified class.


  1. If ivermectin is a threat to the plan, suppression and willful blindness to ivermectin is a necessity for the enemy… If vampires took over the USA they would ban garlic and cross necklaces and stakes.

  2. The emergency use authorizations for the vaccines are illegal under US law unless there are no reasonable treatments for the disease. Things may get interesting from a legal perspective if the EUAs are challenged on this basis because that would raise te spectre of the immunity predicated on the EUAs and the hundreds of thousands harmed by the vaxx may suddenly have legal recourse against Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J.

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