“But…What’re We Gonna Do, Now?”

October 23, 2021
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I always make the mistake that everyone is on the same page as myself. That’s my fault. But basically, what you should be doing at this point is you should already have some plants in the ground. You should already know how to can some things. Not just tomato sauce, but other items as well. You should have jars and lids. You should have ammunition for your weapons. You should have a community that is able to trade with itself. You should have experience with chickens and gathering eggs. You should know how to forage for local herbs. Basically, you should be on your way to living in the same manner as the Amish or the Mennonites.

You should have been doing all of this five years ago.

Separation from our oligarchy requires stripping it of its claims of legitimacy. Their means of control—from making and breaking careers to control of institutional machinery—are daunting. Individuals may be penalized easily. But every bit of this power vanishes in the face of mass resistance. The oligarchy is frightened of this, with good reason. Nor can they stop an exodus by using force, sensing that they might well lose the ensuing civil war.

Angelo Codevilla, American Exodus,

Nations come and go. America is no different. Great empires advance through their cycles, and then they end. This is what history has taught us. It is absurd to think that you are going to be allowed to continue with the same 20th century living standards.  The powers that be have made it crystal clear that they absolutely hate you, and they want you to die. If you do not see that by now, then there is probably no helping you.

We are entering an era of brown outs. Plumbing is going to go away. The Internet might not last the decade. Modern basic services that you have always taken for granted will disappear. If you do not cooperate with the antichrist system, you will be denied commerce. This is how things are about to be. Elections have consequences, after all.

In the first few months of 2021, it is clear that widespread compliance with institutions and leading personages on which the American system of government has long rested is no longer possible. The oligarchy exercises all earthly powers.

The future of America is dark. If God does want us to survive in any fashion, it will be after we are broken. If you need a blueprint for what is about to transpire, then think of Haiti or South Africa. You are about to become strangers in your own land. Disenfranchisement is inevitable. Realizing this now will help you to cope with it tomorrow. And coping with things is what will give you the edge to survive. Everyone else will cave in to fear and despair.

All of the “conspiracy theorists“ and all of those people against diversity and civic nationalism have been proven correct. They were right all of this time. Everyone who has been demonized as a “paranoid hater” is being vindicated on daily basis. Everyone who’s ever shown themselves to be a cuckservative and a sell out are to blame for all of this. Your enemies sought your destruction, and the weak among you helped them to poison you.

But really, on some subconscious level, the public mind has always known what is about to transpire. Just as the Japanese have historically manifested their fear of nuclear annihilation with their Godzilla movies, so also do we make zombie movies that prophecy our society’s destruction. We all know we will eat each other alive. There is a reason that The Walking Dead was such a popular series. We know what we’ve become. We know that this show cannot last forever, and we know that we’re on the verge of becoming a nation of cannibals.

Rome had been besieged and its citizens had been forced to buy their lives with gold. Then thus despoiled they had been besieged again so as to lose not their substance only but their lives. My voice sticks in my throat; and, as I dictate, sobs choke my utterance. The City which had taken the whole world was itself taken; nay more famine was beforehand with the sword and but few citizens were left to be made captives. In their frenzy the starving people had recourse to hideous food; and tore each other limb from limb that they might have flesh to eat. Even the mother did not spare the babe at her breast.

St. Jerome, Letter CXXVII To Principia

As I say, it’s easy to sit there and polish your guns and think that all you need to do is shoot your way out of tomorrow’s problems. “I got my guns, and that’s all I need.” No. It is harder to grow your own food. It is harder to raise livestock. It is harder to find people to trade with. It is harder to leave the city, switch off your creature comforts, and collect with like-minded Catholics. But that is what is needed. That is what is required of you if you want a good chance of starting off the apocalypse right. You should have been boycotting modern society years ago. But you didn’t. You better get started now, then. Because most assuredly, your enemies have no intention of stopping.

The Biden Administration is working on a system for Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the virus. They’re calling it the “Vax Pass” or Vaccine Passport. The passport could be used by individuals in the workplace, in school or when travelling internationally. A senior White House official says multiple agencies are involved in the planning, and this passport could play a role in multiple areas of daily life.

Biden Administration Working On Vaccine Passport System

You cannot buy or sell unless you carry their marks. It’s your soul. The choice is yours.

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