Freedom is a Choice

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That picture that you see above popped up in my LinkedIn inbox from our good friend, The Male Brain. It obviously features Candace Owens, whom I consider a grifter upon the nationalist and conservative movements. I base that assessment of Ms Owens upon her past words and sentiments, and upon the tiresomely predictable nature of conservatives everywhere. Ms Owens is young, female, and Black, which makes her a nearly PERFECT poster child for the overwhelmingly White GOPe. These are generally old men (and more than a few women, to be fair) who are utterly TERRIFIED of being called racist, sexist, or homophobic.

Ms Owens is therefore an excellent talisman to help them distract both the natural Republican base and the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes of the traitorous (((media))))))))))))), so that they can get on with the serious business of submitting to Noble Defeat every time the Left so much as breathes in their direction.

Nothing that I wrote in the previous two paragraphs changes the fact that Ms Owens is absolutely correct.

Slave by Force

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Slavery is not a choice. When you are made a slave by the actions of another, you must submit by force to another’s will, by definition. You are not in control of your home, family, finances, health, body, or even mind. You must think and act in specific ways, according to the whims of your masters. And if you step out of line, you will be punished.

These constitute but a few of the reasons why Christians view slavery with revulsion and horror. It is the most direct violation of a man’s free will that there is. When you take away a man’s right to live free and worship God, as He commands us to do, then you take away his free will. And that reduces him to nothing more than a mindless machine – which he is not. His will shall forever be shackled according to what you want, but at some level he will always struggle to break free.

Free by Choice

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But FREEDOM is a choice – a conscious choice to live according to the dictates of your own conscience, and by extension the will of the Creator who gave you that conscience.

If you willingly choose to surrender that freedom and become a slave, that is your choice. You are free to make it. No man has the right to tell you that you cannot do this.

However, the converse also applies. Under no circumstances can you, a man who willingly chose to become a slave, then turn around and demand that others surrender their freedoms and join you.

It doesn’t work like that. If you want to be a slave, then be one, and good luck to you. The rest of us, however, are under no obligation whatsoever to follow you. We are free men, and we are free to live according to the ways and means which suit us. Because we are free, we answer ultimately to the One God, not to you.

It Was Never About Safety

The Leftist hyperventilating about wearing masks is not based in SCIENCE!!!!111!!! It is rooted in nothing more than fear.

They are afraid of you and your freedom. They fear what a free man can do when unleashed. And they want to restrain your freedoms because they want to contain you.

The reality is that those masks don’t do much of anything to stop General Tso’s Chicken Pox. The Chinese Mumps will not be prevented simply by wearing a few layers of cloth and paper on your face. The entire idea is idiotic. You might as well cover your mouth and nose in chain-link.

Even the presstitute class is starting to catch on to this fact. My hatred of whorenalists long ago reached the point where I now openly think that most of them in the Western world should simply be shot for treason. But, apparently, if you smash a clue-bat into their faces long enough and hard enough, they do eventually Get It.

On top of that, the evidence we have in front of us shows categorically that lockdowns have done little, if anything, to stop the spread of the Chinkvirus.

It is well past time for us to abandon these ridiculous practices of sacrificing freedom for safety. We now have neither – precisely as Benjamin Franklin predicted.

High Price Paid

In more sensibly run parts of the world, like Russia, the lockdowns are categorically OVER. I know for a fact that Muscovites are easily able to to go to the gym, gather in restaurants, work, rest, play, and take the metro. This, in supposedly one of the least “free” societies in the world. In reality, of course, people are and have been more free in Russia than in the West for years.

Yet, there is hope even in the beleaguered and deluded West. Many of the “red” states in the USA are opening back up. Texas and Montana have already dropped the idiotic mask mandates. The Left have, naturally, lost their minds at the thought that free men and women might actually want to be free. But that’s their problem.

If you live in a country or state where these lunatic mask mandates are still in place, then you must take action to secure your freedoms.

Fortunately, our good friend Dawn Pine, living in southern Israel, has a handy guide to show you exactly how to do this without breaking the law. And you MUST use it, if you are to protect your freedoms.

Perhaps you might whine about taking risks and worrying about the outcomes. Guess what – FREEDOM ENTAILS RISK-TAKING. That’s the ENTIRE BLOODY POINT of being free. You MUST use that freedom to take risks. And sometimes those risk might have severely negative consequences. You simply have to accept that.

Where I am right now, we MUST wear a face-diaper on every train and bus that we board. I don’t bother at all with that nonsense, unless specifically ordered to by a law-enforcement officer. You can do this too – and probably far more easily in the US than in most countries.

If you are capable of doing so – MOVE. Get the hell out of these dying liberaltard enclaves that insist on keeping you trapped and blinded. You are not stuck where you are. Leave if you must.

Win Back Your Freedom

Ultimately, what you choose to do with your life is up to you. Your choices are between you and the Creator. But don’t ever permit some idiotic terrified liberaltard to tell you what to do with your health and life. You are not endangering Granny by living your life.

If you feel sick – stay at home. Otherwise, get your butt back to work. Send your kids to school – or better yet, home-school them. Socialise with your friends. Spend time outdoors, marvelling at the beauty and splendours of Creation. Be happy, and be FREE.

If you would rather be a slave, well, that’s your bloody problem. The rest of us don’t share your point of view and want nothing to do with you.

But if you would rather be free – then stop talking about it, and start doing it. Start taking some risks and live your life.

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