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Off Season: Time For Garden Planning

Editor’s Note: We are happy to introduce a new Lady of the West, Artemisia Gentileschi, who is known to most of the Men of the West here. She is a long time friend, and really knows her stuff. We look forward to more of her articles.   So…the last of the squash, beets, and carrots have been harvested.  The kale is still hanging on even through chilly nights.  The garden is winding down.  You might have some high tunnels to extend your season a bit, but there’s no new planting to do.  (Unless you live further south than I, in...

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Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’: a Prospective

Editor’s Note: Another good friend, Dick Devine, shares his first article written for Men of the West. We have known him for many years, and have appreciated his dedication to saving the West.    It’s been many years since I’ve read Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time series, but it isn’t hard to see why Hollywood finds it to be so compelling; after all, it features a strong female lead and is replete with visuals that would come to life beautifully on the big screen–I mean, between Interstellar and Doctor Strange, Hollywood has pretty much got this tesseracting business...

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Thanksgiving Day Proclamation

Proclamation Appointing a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer, 11 November 1779 Proclamation Appointing a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer Whereas the Honourable the General Congress, impressed with a grateful sense of the goodness of Almighty God, in blessing the greater part of this extensive continent with plentiful harvests, crowning our arms with repeated successes, conducting us hitherto safely through the perils with which we have been encompassed and manifesting in multiplied instances his divine care of these infant states, hath thought proper by their act of the 20th day of October last, to recommend to the several states that Thursday...

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If Democracy Doesn’t Deliver, Dispense With It.

Editor’s Note: We offer another guest post from Laramie Hirsch. If democracy doesn’t deliver, dispense with it.Such are the words of Patrick Buchanan himself.  To think that a one-time presidential candidate has begun to question the very foundation of U.S. governance–the very principles of the nation.  Yet his doubts about the efficacy of democratic rule are clear: “Democracy requires common ground on which all can stand, but that ground is sinking beneath our feet, and democracy may be going down the sinkhole with it.” Dare we consider that the ruination of our government lay in its very design?  Over...

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White Men Are Indeed The Problem, But Not In The Way You Think

Editor’s Note: Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer shares another great post with us. Note that with Adam’s permission, we have altered the term “alt-right” in the original to “alt-west” here, to fit our use of the terms in past articles. A fascinating speech from Hans Hermann Hoppe on the subject of the alt-west. I will be referring again to this speech in the future, but for now I wish to comment on a particular flaw in his argument. Hoppe refers to the traditional Western family as being the greatest source of all that is good in the history of...

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Purpose and Mission

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