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On the Shoulders of Giants

Editor’s Note: We offer a fine article by a new Lady of the West author, Artemisia Gentileschi. She is a long time friend to us, and we know you will enjoy (and benefit from) her thoughts. It would seem that science is in the news a lot.  People often share “I F***ing Love Science” memes (or the tamer version without the expletive) on Facebook.  Various disciplines make the news almost daily.  But I wonder if the people who share the memes and preach homage to scientists really “f***ing love science”?  Do they love it enough to know its history?  To...

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Expendable. Not Disposable.

Editor’s Note:  The following is a guest post by a friend of Men of the West.  We think it is outstanding.  Hopefully we can get our friend to contribute again.  Until then…  do enjoy this submission from Harbin.   ex·pend·a·ble: capable of being sacrificed in order to accomplish a [valuable] objective dis·pos·a·ble: intended to be used once, or until no longer useful, and then thrown away A subtle but, critical distinction. For pretty much all of history, men have been considered expendable. Like a bomb dropped by a jet, an arrow launched by an archer, or a non-reusable rocket...

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Jazz Hands For Justice

Editor’s Note: We present another great article from one of our Ladies of the West, Heidi. You can read more of her great posts on her blog, too.   Watching the recent Antifa videos taken in Austin, Texas, I can’t help but be unimpressed with what passes for modern rhetoric. Color me less than convinced by those pitiful little passels of sadness called Antifa. Surprisingly, “F*#k you” has risen above mere vulgarity. Moving into the realm of educated speech, it is now intended to defend the veracity of one’s right to protest. Profanity is the next wave in philosophical...

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Westernize Your Leisure Time

Editor’s Note: We offer another post by our friend, Jaspar Thorsson. A newly married young man, Jaspar is truly a Man of the West. Recently a friend of mine was having a conversation about habits to become more productive and increase his capabilities. He said, “You know, I should take up golf…” and began explaining how golf is productive and why many rich and important people play golf over other hobbies. My train of thought stopped there, though, locking onto the idea of leisure time: Does it negate the whole idea of “leisure time” to have it be productive?...

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The Next Revolution Starts at Home

Editor’s Note: We offer another Ladies of the West article. This is another by our friend, Heidi. You can read her earlier Men of the West article here. She also blogs on her own site.   Two hundred forty-two years ago, Edmund Burke spoke to Parliament, the governing body of the British Empire. The issue was the brewing discontent across the sea. They needed to tread carefully when dealing with the restless and rustling American colonies. Sabers were rattling. In 1766, a prominent American politician, most likely Franklin, had warned Burke of the danger of continued infringement upon the...

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