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the acquaintance of darkness and Light

Editor’s Note: We offer a fantastic poem by a long time friend of MOTW, Jordan Aspen. You can read more about her and her work at her site. This poem comes from her book, My Heart Poured Out. the acquaintance of darkness and Light   by Jordan Aspen I do not flirt with the darkness that would be folly, for I know its power I do not quail at the darkness that would be cowardice, for I know its weakness I do not hide in the darkness that would be despair, for I know its seduction No though I am...

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Housework: You’re Doing It Wrong

Editor’s Note: We offer another great article from our friend, Heidi. You can read this, and other worthwhile thoughts, on her blog.   How many times in the past year have you heard of a marriage falling apart, a family disintegrating, a future destroyed? “Too many, Heidi. Too many.” Well, that should be your answer because it’s the truth. And if it isn’t your answer either you a) have no friends b) live in a bubble c) are a liar. It’s frightening, this war on family and marriage. How are we supposed to survive when so many are going...

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Christopher Columbus: The Man Should Be A Saint

Editor’s Note: We welcome a new writer to MOTW, Laramie Hirsch. Anyone who has frequented Vox Day’s blog will recognize Laramie as a long time commenter there. He has long been a friend to us here at MOTW. You can read more of his writings at his own blog. Happy Columbus Day!  This is one of my most favorite national holidays.  For not only are we allowed to celebrate the European discovery of the Americas, but also in a rare way, the Federal government endorses the spread of Christendom across the globe. Queen Isabella was proud of the adventurer...

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To My College Students:

Editors Note:  A guest post by Ampleforth.   To My College Students: Everyday you hear that you will have something stacked against you as you embark on your career- a difficult job market, problems connecting with people at work because you are a Millennial or iGen, or even difficulty interviewing because younger generations may face more social anxiety that previous generations. One story you will be told in this transition from young adulthood into your careers is that some people are succeeding because of privilege- specifically white privilege. If you are white, you might start to feel like you...

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Grow What You DON’T Eat

Written by Stephen Clay McGehee. Reposted with permission from The Southern Agrarian – Fruits and vegetables are what most folks think of when they think of gardening. There are, however, other things that are good to grow, but are not for the dinner table. We’ll go into each of these in more detail in future posts, but I wanted to get you thinking about what non-food plants you might want to try growing. Winter Rye – Used to add organic matter to the soil. It also helps control the nematode population, protects the top surface layer of soil, shades out weeds....

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