Friday Music: Take On Me (Brooklyn Duo at Carnegie Hall)

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Raised in a home filled with books on Western civilization, P.G. Mantel became a lover of history at an early age. An amateur writer of verse, he makes himself useful as an editor for Men of the West.


  1. Beautiful. I remember the original version of this song from years ago. I remember that it was such a fun, light, cheerful song that was sing along to (London-based there was this high note) by almost everyone who heard it. This arrangement proves that a basically good piece of art can be interpreted and reinterpreted by different artists(who respect the original) and bring out nuances and details to keep the original engaging and meaningful for new audiences. It does require respect,skill,and mastery of the art.

    • Wow! Autocorrect had a meltdown with my comment. London!? I swear I typed the word poorly. Thanks for sharing the video.

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