Christmas Is Not Pagan

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It’s that time of year again when good Christians honor Christ’s birth though all sorts of festivals and rituals with the big lead up to the 25th for many.

It’s also that time when the neo-pagans crawl out of their parent’s basements, put on their plastic Thor cosplay costumes, and hurdur that Christmas is pagan.

Here’s a couple of short videos that combats that myth from an Eastern Orthodox member:

I leave you with this thought by Chesterton:

“Christmas is an obstacle to modern progress. Rooted in the past, and even the remote past, it cannot assist a world in which the ignorance of history is the only clear evidence of the knowledge of science. Born among miracles reported from two thousand years ago, it cannot expect to impress that sturdy common sense which can withstand the plainest and most palpable evidence for miracles happening at this moment. . . .Christmas is not modern; Christmas is not Marxian; Christmas is not made on the pattern of that great age of the Machine, which promises to the masses an epoch of even greater happiness and prosperity than that to which it has brought the masses at this moment. Christmas is medieval; having arisen in the earlier days of the Roman Empire. Christmas is a superstition. Christmas is a survival of the past.”

May God bless each one of us this Christmas season with His holy light.


  1. not a pagan by any stretch but, as a Christian, have never celebrated Christmas. Read 4000 Years of Christmas by Earl Count. He’s basically celebrating the papered-over paganism in that book. Drooling over the re-purposed paganism in spots.

    Any research into the Northern European celebration of Christmas (which the modern, western, Coca Cola version is determined to follow) should give one pause.

  2. The Mass of Christ is the most important thing a person can do on this earth.

    Everytime people speak about it they are literally saying “Happy Church Service of Christ!”

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