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Get in the Game

September 11, 2020
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A recent story in the local news, “Council tweaks ethics policy during late night meeting,” made me chuckle.

With more than a dozen ethics complaints filed against Charlotte city council members over the past month, city council took a step to limit the damage of what some are calling a “weaponized” policy.

“Weaponized policy,” heh. If you make rules, you should expect people to use them. For many decades in America, it’s only been the commie Left who has been weaponizing policies.

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

Rule No. 4 from Rules for Radicals

The commie Left loves this rule. It’s hard to blame them, really. If your enemy hands you a hammer and says, “Hit me like this,” wouldn’t you hit him?

Vox Day wrote a book about SJWs infesting corporations and using the corporate structure to promote commie leftist ideology, “Corporate Cancer: How to Work Miracles and Save Millions by Curing Your Company.”

What I find encouraging about the news story above is that Republicans are finally getting in the game.

Councilman Ed Driggs brought up the policy changes that were originally discussed in the Budget and Effectiveness Committee.

He’s a Republican.

Originally, council had referred the committee to look at the policy after the city attorney had determined that there was no conflict of interest for Councilman Tariq Bokhari’s non-profit to contract with the city.

Bokhair is a Republican, too.

I think we could have kept this same energy to do the full work of the ethics policy. It feels that we’re prioritizing ourselves over the public.

Councilwoman Victoria Watlington

The Charlotte City Council web page doesn’t list Watlington’s party, but I looked her up on the NC Voter Registration site, and she’s a Democrat. Shocker, I know.

The WBTV story links to a previous article that leads with,

Democrats Dimple Ajmera and James “Smuggie” Mitchell and Republican Tariq Bokhari have all had ethics complaints filed against them with the city clerks office that is being referred to an independent investigator.”

That’s two Democrats and one Republican.

The story continues,

Several ethics complaints were filed against Bokhari but up until early this week, none of them met the criteria for an independent review.

Two weeks later, NCGOP filed ethics complaints against Ajmera and Mitchell.

NCGOP filed a complaint against Councilwoman Dimple Ajmera alleging that she “has used her official position, particularly in rezoning cases, to directly engage with those from the real estate community who have a business in front of the council to solicit campaign contributions.

Good on you, NCGOP. That’s getting in the game. I don’t care so much about who is morally right or wrong in this example. I don’t live in Charlotte. But it’s encouraging to see Republican councilmen and Old North State legislators fighting.

A man whom I believe to be very wise often says, “There are three kinds of people in the world – those who fight, those who help the fighters, and those who do nothing.” That last group is the largest.

President Trump is a fighter. He has given many people the courage to fight alongside him, and that’s one reason I love the man.

Contributors here at Men Of The West (MOTW) are fighting the war of ideas. Our contributors spend time reading the news and commentary of the day and writing posts or recording podcasts. We’re fighting to remind Westerners why Western ideals are the best. You can support MOTW by sharing our posts and liking our Facebook and social media.

You can support fellow travelers, too. Back people and websites that are creating content you support. Subscribe and give them money. Donate to your local churches, the non-churchian ones, of course. Buy actual books from authors who are arguing for Western values.

Castalia House offers a lot of digital and print content. Buy things from them.

You can also fight, if you have the stomach for it. Fighting is harder; it takes courage. Some people have it, some people don’t. I talk about having courage in another post.

If you have courage, start fighting. If you don’t have courage, then at least help the fighters.

But whatever you do, don’t sit on the sidelines. Our nations won’t remain ours if we don’t get in the game and play. Maybe we’ll win, maybe we won’t. Either way, the West is worth fighting for.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


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