Gun Control Ghouls

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It has been a little bit more than a week since the Parkland Florida school shooting.  And you have to hand it to the gun grabbers, they have managed to up their game.  I watched the “speeches” that the high school kids were giving at the Florida state house on TV.  They were clearly scripted, they were coached.  Politicians taking money from the NRA.  You can just walk into a gun store and come out with the dreaded AR-15.  Now, I know that in writing here at Men Of The West, I am largely preaching to the choir.  We know that the proposals to grab guns have more in common with Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao’s gun grabs that left millions defenseless and easy picking for communist murderers than anything that will keep our children safe.  John Lott has done studies that show the effectiveness of gun ownership.  I don’t need to make that kind of case to this audience.  But what has made this different, is the depths to which the gun grabbers have descended.  In the past, it has been positively disgusting the way that they would jump on any kind of tragedy in order to push their agenda of the disarmament of free men.  This time, they have deceived young people, given them scripted questions and talking points, and callously used them in order to attempt to further deceive us into giving up one of our God Given Rights.
Not only have they deceived a number of young people into doing their unholy bidding, they have completely glossed over what actually happened.  The Parkland Shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was lost.  A lot of people are blaming the FBI, simply because the FBI didn’t do their job when it came to Hillary Clinton and it’s politically expedient to beat them up.  And they knew this young man was troubled and likely to do something bad, and they didn’t do anything.  But this was a 19 year old man, who lost both his parents.  Who apparently didn’t fit in.  The police were called to his house 39 times over the years.  The local cops knew about him.  And people want to know, how did the FBI know about this guy, how did the local Sheriff know about this guy, and nothing happened?  Well, here’s the answer.  You can’t arrest somebody and put them in prison because of what they might do.  It’s right up there with the Second Amendment. That’s Number 4 and Number 5.

Dorothea Dix
Dorothea Dix, Advocate for America’s Mentally Ill Indigent.

The way, under our legal system, that a problem like this is supposed to be handled, is that the community, the person’s family and friends, if they see him going off the rails, can do what is called an involuntary commitment. Which is where you go before a local judge or magistrate and under penalty of perjury affirm to them that this person meets a certain criteria (typically a danger to themselves or others).  The magistrate will then issue an order where the police or sheriff is to pick up the individual and take him to a hospital for evaluation by a competent doctor (typically a psychiatrist).  Where this system falls apart is that the evaluation period is typically 3 days.  And because of a shortage beds in mental hospitals doctors are under a lot of pressure to release anybody who isn’t practically foaming at the mouth and cutting themselves, even if it is clear that they legitimately need help.  And when the person is released, they’re coming home to the people who tried to have them committed, and these people are already scared of the person being violent.  So, when people get desperate enough to commit a loved one, and they find out that typically the process is going to just make them angry and send them back, they don’t do it.
And the reason that we don’t have beds is because in the middle part of the 20th century, most of the insane asylums were shut down.  There were various reasons for that, but we can clearly see now that it was a horrible
mistake.  And now, the problem we have, is that some of these people genuinely need full time care and supervision, and we don’t have money set aside for that, we don’t have facilities that will do that.  And because of that, there’s no way for a family or a community to say, “Hey, this guy is dangerous.  He needs help” and get him help.  And not every person who needs full time care and supervision is going to shoot up a school.  A lot of them wind up homeless, because they can’t support themselves, but their insanity is so painful that it drives their families to cast them out just because they cannot deal with it any longer.  Before the asylums closed, we didn’t have the same kind of problems with homelessness that we do now.
And so, the Ghouls continue to push for more gun control, and they lie, cheat, deceive children, and throw the insane under the bus to do so.  You will know them by their fruits.  They don’t want to make sure something like this never happens again.  They just want to grab your guns.  They are, without question, evil.


  1. GOod article, but, while the crimes in question MIGHT not have had him in jail long enough to matter for purchasing a gun, some of what the cops were called on him for should have resulted in jail time – assault and battery, etc.

  2. So grab welfare payments in response.
    “Sorry, we need the money to build facilities for people like this before they shoot others. Coming out of the welfare budget by capping per-child reimbursement at 2, and we’re also gonna be scrapping a bunch of smaller giveaways to local leftist activists. We’re sure you all understand. It’s FOR THE CHILDREN(TM) on both ends.”

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