It's Time To Join The NRA

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This morning #BoycottNRA was trending on Twitter. That’s right. Liberals who aren’t NRA members are going to punish the NRA by not becoming members.* The same people that claim Donald Trump is literally Hitler think the government should have all the guns. Before you strip a gear trying to ponder the depths of this stupidity, there is something more sensible to consider. It’s time to join the NRA. I just signed up.
I know. your mailman might hate you if she delivers an NRA magazine to your mailbox once a month. Your kid’s teacher will recoil in horror if your kid cites an article from American Rifleman for a school paper. Well, it’s time to put our money where are mouth is.
I am aware that the NRA is not perfect. They compromise. Yes, your first choice should be Gun Owners of America. Your second choice should be Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. But the NRA is the biggest. They are the most visible. They have a lot of clout, a lot of money, and a lot of visibility. Politicians hesitate to cross them.
If you join, then be active. Let them know that you don’t favor compromise. Vote for NRA leaders that represent you. I intend to let them know that I don’t appreciate their capitulation on bump stocks, and I don’t think the Fix NICS is a good idea. I intend to lambaste them for the idiotic endorsements they made in my local elections. I intend to be the backbone they seem to lack.
One thing liberals do not understand is that the NRA is not just a few people with lots of money that pull puppet strings on the politicians. Politicians don’t fear Wayne LaPierre. They fear the NRA members. There are millions of NRA members that individually have no voice, but collectively they can’t be ignored. They represent a block of votes that they can’t win without. There are around 5 million members of the NRA. This only about 10 percent of the people that own firearms. You must know, that they won’t stop until they have ALL the guns. Lets make the NRA swell to 10 million members, to 15 million. Lets make it represent us, as a no compromise organization.
*The actual boycott, which seems to have been effective, was aimed at businesses that give discounts to NRA members. By all means, let these businesses know how disappointed you are that they don’t want your business.


  1. Have to disagree. The NRA is more than just, ‘imperfect.’ They’ve helped every single major gun control act since the NFA of 1934. They collaborated on the 94 AWB to ‘limit the damage’ along with Bill Ruger. For me they showed their true colors when Charlton Heston was ‘President.’ He stated on public radio AND it was repeated a LOT in print, that ‘No one needs an AK 47’ and that FA weapons were inappropriate for civilian ownership. He never stated his case as to why, though from 2nd Amendment grounds. He later tried to CYA with Robert K. Brown that he meant the ‘full auto’ version, but even so, he was supporting the NFA limiting FA weapons to civilians, which violates the intent of the 2nd Amendment. Bottom line is that he showed the NRA’s colors. I’m JPFO and GOA inclined, but never again the NRA. All they want is people to buy their branded crap and donate to pay their organization – they haven’t been successful in getting one major GCA rescinded yet. The AWB doesn’t count, because it ran out of steam and the politicians didn’t want to risk getting ‘unelected’.

  2. No, I will not join the NRA. They have too good a track record of compromising the 2nd Amendment. I will not be affiliated with them.

  3. You are both right that the NRA has shown itself to be a weak kneed quisling organization, the problem that we face is simple. The SJW’s make no distinction between them or us. Once they have destroyed the NRA, they are coming after us. We are in this together whether we like it or not.

    • I read you loud and clear. Problem: If the NRA, quislings though they are, are on ‘our side’, how do we get them to grow some balls and STAND? It’s not the rank and file members that are a problem, it’s the leadership who keep caving, who don’t call things as they are, and who compromise on the 2nd Amendment.
      The Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, is NOT NEGOTIABLE.
      When the NRA learns to stand and say, “NO!” to Congress and mean it? I’ll consider supporting them. When the NRA calls out BY NAME, those in government subverting the Constitution with clear evidence that will get the individuals fired, prosecuted, or impeached, I’ll support them.
      When the NRA gets behind the rescission of the NFA in all its forms back to 1934 and starts to get some RESULTS, I’ll join as a member and urge others to do so. Until then, they don’t deserve or get mutual support from my neck ‘o the woods.
      The NRA needs to ‘walk its talk’. To date, they’re all blow and no go.
      As for the SJW’s coming after ‘us’ after they take care of the NRA? Bring. It.

  4. The NRA is a bit like the Republican party. There are many things I don’t like about the leadership of the party, most of them violate their campaign promises before breakfast each day.
    But when liberal co-workers bash Republicans, they’re really bashing people like me – that believe you can be tolerant and still promote traditional values, who believe that this country is great in spite of its faults, who are tired of having ever type of deviance shoved in my face and told I have to not only accept it, but endorse it and call it good. So I defend Republicans because I have never been in a position to vote for any Democrat that remotely shares my beliefs.
    You and I know there are better organizations, but liberals don’t. If they did, they’d be attacking them too. But they know about the NRA and they attack the organization because they don’t know my name, else they’d attack me directly. Just go onto any social media and see the ad hominem attacks on anyone supporting gun rights. They’re attacking the NRA as a proxy for attacking us.

  5. NRA does *great* things at the state level. Just last week, the Kansas house passed a bill containing a last minute rider that undercut constitutional carry on campuses. NRA got wind and made it a “vote of record” in the Senate. University lawyer, who personally and professionaly approves of the bill, admitted Friday that the NRA action will kill that provision. I can still legally carry at work because of the NRA.
    Being a purist is fine. I get it. Send your money to GOA (I do) and 2AF. But realize there’s more to NRA than Washington. And it’s working.

  6. I just joined. We need to make a statement. This is a great opportunity. I realize they are not perfect, but this experience may have red pilled them.

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