Hymn: Lord Jesus, Think On Me

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1. Lord Jesus, think on me,
and purge away my sin:
from earthborn passions set me free,
and make me pure within.
2. Lord Jesus, think on me,
with care and woe oppressed;
let me Thy loving servant be,
and taste Thy promised rest.
3. Lord Jesus, think on me
amid the battle’s strife:
in all my pain and misery
be Thou my Health and Life.
4. Lord Jesus, think on me,
nor let me go astray:
through darkness and perplexity
point Thou the heavenly way.
5. Lord Jesus, think on me,
when flows the tempest high:
when on doth rush the enemy,
O Saviour, be Thou nigh.
6. Lord Jesus, think on me,
that when the flood is past,
I may the eternal brightness see,
and share Thy joy at last.

Raised in a home filled with books on Western civilization, P.G. Mantel became a lover of history at an early age. An amateur writer of verse, he makes himself useful as an editor for Men of the West.

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