Let's You And Him Fight

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If you’ve been following comics, you’re probably are familiar with what is known as “ComicsGate”, which, in theory is an offshoot of GamerGate, and dedicated to stopping the SJW takeover of comics.  As it turns out, GamerGate they are not.
Earlier this week, Vox Day announced that Castalia House would be launching a ComicsGate imprint that would permit any ComicsGate affiliated creator the opportunity to bring in their work and get it published.  The first author to take advantage of this was Will Caligan and his Gun Ghoul comic, (if you remember, he was the veteran who was run out of comics by SJWs).  It didn’t take long for a bunch of guys who follow Ethan Van Sciver to begin screeching that Vox didn’t own the name ComicsGate.  Which is generally irrelevant as nobody really owns that kind of name.
There’s two things that have quickly become apparent –
The One True and Only ComicsGaters have fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book.  It’s known as Divide and Conquer, or more colloquially, Let’s You And Him Fight.  This is why one of the first demands of the SJW’s is always that you must DISAVOW.  By attacking Vox, the ComicsGate folks have managed to successfully alienate an ally – and they are a group that has allies in very short supply.
The second thing that becomes quickly apparent, is how little these guys know about the publishing industry.  Vox opening up a path to market for blackballed creators is a huge deal.  Keep in mind that Arkhaven Comics isn’t limited to just Amazon, or digital; they can put a dead tree book in the hands of comic book stores.  Which is something that took a lot of work for them to accomplish.  And something that will take Ethan Van Sciver quite a bit of labor to accomplish for his Cyberfrog comics if he wants to go it alone, just as an example.
At this point, it looks like the whole ComicsGate movement is on life support.  Alt-Hero is going to continue doing just fine, with The Legend Chuck Dixon having his own line and story going.  Vox announced recently that he had released the ComicsGate imprint in the publishing system to anybody who wants it.  And here’s the deal.  Ethan van Sciver and his ComicsGate followers won’t be able to take control of it if their lives depend on it.  And it will almost surely wind up being squatted by some SJW (this concept is analogous to cybersquatting a domain name.)
If I were one of these ComicsGate guys, I would seriously be looking at who it was that ginned up this little dust storm, because they’re probably a SJW-Infiltrator.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Alt-Hero to read.


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