Motorcycle Crash In The Wild Caught On Video

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I have watched this many times looking for the point where the guy did something I would not have done. I haven’t found it yet and that is disturbing. I’d like to think I would have abandoned the bike before it dragged me off a cliff. The disturbing part is at the 5 min mark. It’s funny the first time you watch it. – The Blacksmith


  1. A bit hard to see but it looks like he may have dropped the back wheel into that big rut running along the road. Ruts, train rails and the like running in your direction of travel can kick the bike sideways and out from under you in an instant leading to a complete loss of control.

  2. The thing you do differently is not to ride where you can fall off of cliffs. If you’re one of those folks who needs that stimulation to feel alive, just father some children early in life.

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