Now Is The Time To Build

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Editor’s Note: We introduce another Lady of the West, Fronima Perister. She is well-known to the administrators (and most of the authors) of this site. We know her in real life, and she is a stalwart supporter of our efforts. We are happy to share her first offering, and look forward to more of her encouragement, admonition, and exhortation in the future.
The Men of the West are real. We are fighting for our culture. We are fighting for Christendom. We are preparing our fortifications and supplying our needs. We are training and preparing for the battle that is coming by fighting the skirmishes that are happening today.
Make no mistake. Like Noah, our faith is not in our fortifications, our supplies or our skills. We have those things and continue to improve them. We farm, we build, and we support our families. Yet, our faith is in Our Father in Heaven. The battle is His, the warriors are His to choose.
God has used military men, shepherd boys, and torches under pots with trumpets to win His victories over the enemies who would destroy what He has built. Like Nehemiah, today we are being guided to rebuild our families, our walls, and our communities. Like Noah, we are being given time and resources to build the structures that will save The West.
Before Gideon lead the 300 men against the Midianites and Amalekites, God called him to tear down the altar of Baal and chop up the Asherah. Gideon was to offer up a sacrifice of 2 bulls, using the Asherah that he had chopped down. When Gideon did this, the people of the city saw what had been done and were angry. They sought out the one who had done this thing, this tearing down of a false god. Gideon’s father stood in defense of his son’s actions. The angry men stood down.
After these events, when God called Gideon to assemble the warriors, the call was answered. Thirty-two thousand men answered God’s call to battle. God sent all but 300 home. Those 300 went into battle for God. They carried a trumpet and a torch under an empty pitcher. The Midianites and Amalekites turned on each other, thinking they were outnumbered by Gideon and the Lord’s army.
Today, we must follow God’s call to tear down the new altars to the false gods of Political Correctness, Diversity, and Equality. We must do this with the full knowledge that the people around us will be angry. They will challenge us for what we have done. We must stand in defense of our actions.
God will not be mocked. He sees those who twist the words of Christ for their own purposes. He is merciful. He will give them time and opportunity to change their ways. This is why we build. This is why we store up supplies. This is why we prepare for battle.
War is on the horizon: War for our culture, our faith and our communities. This battle need not be physical. To date, it has been legal, ideological, and psychological. This is the field of battle chosen by our enemy. Let us meet them on those fields. Let us battle them with the tools they have fashioned against us.
Be prepared, for God chooses His warriors according to His plan. Be prepared, for God chooses His leaders according to His desire. Be prepared, for God chooses His battle plan for His honor and glory. Prepare for war; pray for peace. Trust in God, for He sustains His children, His priests and His warriors.


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