Beast Life: Barbell Curl

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The barbell curl is heralded as the best bicep exercise for both size and strength. It allows you to maximize your working weight without the EZ curl cheat. You will find that you do more weight for more reps than you can with dumbbells.
I like using the lower hooks on the bench press for this, straddling the bench. You may also choose to set up on a squat rack. Lector bitches about people doing curls in the squat rack, but the thing is, the bars adjust for a reason. It’s to allow other exercises. And besides, gym people are used to having to wait for a squat rack because the cross fit fags like to monopolize them. If all else fails, just set the fucking bar on the floor and go from there.
Position your hands a little wider than your shoulders. About half in line with the socket. Tense your wrists forward a bit but not too much, because you might as well get some stress on those wrist muscles while you’re at it. Now keeping your elbows back tight, curl the weight up to touch your chest. Minimize shoulder rotation. If you find that you’re cheating with this, go stand with your back against the wall, elbows touching it. If your elbows leave the wall, don’t count the rep. That will teach your cheating ass.
Lower the bar in a controlled motion until it touches your thighs. As always, it’s good to warm up beforehand with just the bar, adding weight for a few sets, until you reach your working weight. If you can’t curl just the bar, walk up to the mirror and ask yourself just what the hell you’ve been doing with you life, then go ask the front desk where they keep the girl weights.

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  1. “Lector bitches about people doing curls in the squat rack”
    As he should. Though you’re right about Crossfit fags.
    Honest question: Why the straight bar over the ez-bar? I am a PL/bencher, but I still do curls for stability because not helps my bench. Straight bar hurts my wrists, so I use the ez-bar instead.

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