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October 26, 2016
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It is interesting and somewhat amusing to me that a vast majority of so-called Christians miss the most fundamental aspect of Christianity.
catholic-bibleAnd when you tell them what that is, many of them go off on indignant rants or flat out refuse to “believe” it.
They will sooner accuse you of lying or being wrong than bother to verify this simple fact, which takes ten seconds on google or using any Bible you may have at hand.

And what is this fundamental fact that is so shocking to these faux Christians? Simply this:

This planet, and in my opinion the entirety of what we refer to as the material, physical universe, falls under the domain of the Prince of the Air. The Father of Lies. The Prince of Darkness. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden. The Enemy. The Eternal Psychopath. First of the fallen Angels. Satan. Lucifer. Take your pick, after all, his names are Legion.

I suppose it is to be expected that Churchianity, as opposed to Christianity is so widespread when the current Heretic Pope Francis also seems to be either too stupid to know this, or intentionally trying to obfuscate this fact, as is clear from his answer in the Philippines to the little girl who asked why children have to suffer so much in the world. His reply was that there is no answer and we must learn to cry. In other words, the Pope is a Churchian. And that is being kind, because my personal opinion is that he may well be the Herald of the Anti-Christ if his reply is intentional as opposed to just ignorant. You can see the video of his own words and an analysis by a more “hardcore” Catholic website here: Francis Stumped— Can’t Answer Child’s Question about Suffering, says “There is no Answer.”

Regardless of your possible belief or otherwise in Christianity, if you bother to investigate it enough to get the basic concepts right, it is clearly a logically reasonable position, and as far as I can tell, models and predicts reality far better than any other religion or system of philosophy I have encountered in my life to date. Churchianity on the other hand makes even a child recoil from it as absurd, pointless and defeatist, and that, I believe, is the whole nefarious point of it. To try and make Christianity a bland, grey, meaningless fog of platitudes. Which is the exact opposite of what Christianity, the real thing, actually is.

The progression from Atheist to what I am today (an, as yet, unbaptized, Heathen-Catholic-Sede Vacantist) was not exactly gradual but even when I held agnostic views (most of my adult life) it was clear even just from a cursory observation of the facts that Christianity had been the most powerful civilizing force in the History of mankind.

And while all the brainwashed Atheists, secularists, and other cultural Marxists of various stripes begin to rant at their screens in reading that last sentence, I’ll submit that their arguments are invalid if they have, at a minimum, not educated themselves on the historical facts (as opposed to regurgitated Churchian propaganda we all got fed since elementary school) concerning such topics as:

* The Crusades
* The Spanish Inquisition
* The Role of Catholicism in inventing Science and the Scientific method (as well as many other falsities it is deceitfully accused of)
* The mass-murder perpetrated by every single atheist regime just in the last 100 years and how it dwarves all the killing done in all the religious wars in all of human history put together
* The truth about the “Dark Ages” and “The French Enlightenment” and how such eras are actually a fabrication of the horrifically murderous “Enlightenment”

At a minimum, here are some books to cover the above topics in a way that is precise, factual, very well written (so it’s also quite entertaining) and impeccably researched:

The Crusades – by Harold Lamb
Please note similar titles but this author exist, the book I refer to has no other subtitle and was published in 1942 originally. It is historical, not fictional and researched from source documents of both sides of the conflict.

Bearing False Witness: Debunking centuries of anti-Catholic history – by Rodney Stark (who is not a Catholic, interestingly enough)

The Irrational Atheist – Vox Day

I’d also recommend two films:

* The Mel Gibson film, Apocalypto, for a view of Christianity that gives a quite different perspective to the whole conquest of South America by the Spanish and Portuguese, and
* The Mission, a timeless classic that differentiates between two types of actual Christians, and looks at the dark side of the same conquest of South America

So, if you wish to disagree with me on the concept that Christianity has been overall the most important factor in the civilizing of the West, do not bother to darken my metaphorical doorway unless you have, at a minimum, read and understood all of the above.

For no honest man can do so and come away still thinking as your average follower of that midwit, Dick Dawkins.


  1. Excellent. Furthermore, though he does not teach this in his role as pope, Francis has written that he believes in the annihilation of damned souls, i.e., souls that are damned to Hell at their personal judgment are destroyed at the Second Coming, rather than suffering in their damnation for eternity, while souls in Heaven and purgatory exist in Paradise forever after the Second Coming. This is absolutely heresy in the Catholic faith

  2. The entirety of material existence cannot fall under the Dominion of Lucifer.
    Exhibit 1: The Incarnation.
    And I’m not going to bother watching Francis answer the question, because I don’t really care. But I will tangle with your representation of the exchange. If she asked why children have to suffer, his reply is both honest and accurate, if incomplete. Human suffering is not a question to be answered or a problem to be solved. Suffering is a mystery, present in all men’s lives, unavoidable. And yet it draws us closer to God and sanctifies us. In fact, it was suffering of the most extreme kind, that visited upon the Creator by his own creatures, which you call the most civilizing force.
    Gnostics have answers. The Church offers mysteries. Always has, always will.
    Otherwise, great post. Get baptised!

    • Shut up Churchian.
      The heresy of the heretic Pope is Heresy. End of.
      And it’s not a “mystery” you fuckwit. Earth is under the Dominion of the Prince of Evil, who hates us and wants us to suffer.
      Read your damn Bible.
      Damn but I hate Churchians.

    • “Lucifer” is a Latin term meaning light-bringer that translates “morning star” in Isaiah 14:12, found in the Vulgate and KJV. Want to guess the name of the “morning star” revealed later in the Bible in Revelation 22:16?
      “I, Jesus…the bright Morning Star.”
      If you worship (((Jesus))), you worship the Morning Star, i.e., Lucifer. To be sure, Jesus himself claims to be the bringer of light to the world in John 8:12.
      Don’t blame me; it’s in the (((Bible))).

  3. The thing is, even those who are atheist, if they have children, understand the simple fact that anyone that’s ever had a baby knows that the ‘default human condition’ is an utterly selfish, amoral eating machine who takes in everything and turns out shit. They may not be able to understand that as ‘man is fallen’, but it is transparently obvious to even the cult of secular humanism.
    Humans are not born with innate goodness or morals. It has to be trained into them by their parents.
    And the fact that more and more parents are ignoring this responsibility explains exactly why America is the way it is today. Millenials (with exceptions) are still the same utterly selfish amoral eating machines that take in everything and turn out shit.
    Their simple lack of understanding that humans must be TAUGHT to be moral is why they cannot understand why Christianity, and the objective moral framework it creates are so absolutely vital to maintaining what used to be one of the most vital and honorable cultures on earth,

  4. No, Donner, I mean what I said. Hope that clarifies that. Or to turn it back, do you believe Satan had Dominion over God the Son those 33yrs?
    When Christ spoke those words, the World was not yet fully redeemed, as His sorrowful Passion was still to come. But Redemption of material existence HAD already begun, thru Mary’s Fiat, with the Conception of God Made Man.
    Now, if you’re a Protestant, let’s just agree to disagree over whether Satan is all powerful or on the run.
    But that Christ has redeemed the world by His birth of a virgin and his suffering, death and resurrection is no kind of heresy. (Heresy being the obstinate post baptismal denial of an article of Christian belief.)

  5. I will further note that I can we no way an honest dialogue of fellows seeking out Truth together can ever before with ‘So you’re calling Our Lord a liar?’

  6. Kurgan, you aren’t even a Christian, which you yourself admit. Baptism is the first sacrament.
    Frankly, if you can’t distinguish between a theological difference, and Churchianity, you’re probably too fucking stupid for even the Lord to love.
    And He’s made a lot of Stupid people.

    • Again you stupid, lying, fuckwit, take your Churchian lies and SJW concern trolling and shove it up your heretic, lying ass. It is clear which side you are “fighting” for, since you clearly try to perpetrate the LIE that the devil doesn’t actually “exist” and has no power here, when it is clearly stated in multiple locations in the Bible including Reveleation (all post resurrection of Jesus) that he clearly does. You are one of the people of the Lie. Bitchslapped you shall be.
      Here is a primer for retards concerning the power Satan has and this being his dominion until the second coming:

      • The Jewbook also admits that God and Satan are one in the same, or at least agents in cahoots working out of the same office, as following:
        And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah. (((II Samuel 24:1)))
        And SATAN stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. (((I Chronicles 21:1)))
        But why believe what a magical Jewbook says anyway?

  7. C.S. Lewis described Christians as Gods underground, “gathering in a war zone, a place where evil seems to have the upper hand, to hear messages of hope from the other side.” It is a teaching that has been all but forgotten, but the Bible does teach that Satan the Deceiver is the ruler of this world. And with all the stories of bottomless corruption in government circles around the the globe, who could deny this is so?
    The Deceiver rules (for now), but we are here to (help) bring that rule to an end.

    • Thank you. Your comment is precisely on target.
      Please keep firing sir. Happy to have you in our trenches. Welcome to the Men of the West.

  8. Satan can be the “ruler of this world” without being all powerful. If God is perfect and all powerful and the world is fallen, then God must be apart from the world. He once walked on it in perfect fellowship with men. then the fall. Then we only see “messengers” for a while. God decides to dwell in the midst of his people but can only do so in a place that has been made perfectly holy, which is the tabernacle and later the temple. If God were to be in the presence of the imperfect, the fallen, his perfect and holy nature would destroy it. So God is still supreme, but he is removed. The earth is like a prison and Satan is like the warden. When we are saved by Christ it is rendered to as setting the captive free.

  9. The answer to the child’s question is simple: Suffering happens because evil exists. Suffering is a means of sanctification for the believer, a means of punishment for the unbeliever. For both, it is a call to follow Him. Christ answered this same question when the tower of Siloam collapsed and killed 18 people: unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.

  10. Right on!
    I’m reminded of two passages:
    1. Jesus tells Pilate that he would have no power against him at all unless that power was given to him from God.
    2. Satan offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and Jesus doesn’t scoff at it. He knows it’s a legitimate offer because Satan has control and power of the realm.
    Current geo-political events make much more sense when you realize there are still demons and evil spirits affecting the kingdoms of this world.

    • Exactly. we have worked to demystify the Bible… this was a mistake and has made the whole theology inconsistent.

      • Given our current science and technology the world seems more like an Atheist sci-fi cyberpunk world. Its easy to believe that nothing supernatural ever exists since our lights black out the stars and we are disconnected from nature.
        The world seems material and mechanical yet behind it all is the mystical and supernatural.

    • Precisely. Also, look at how immedite the attempt at discrediting the fact concerning the current ruler of this world in the initial comments.
      It seems the hornet’s nest has been stirred. Good, good, for we are to burn the people of the lie out from under their rocks with sunlight, fire and the sword.

  11. Pain exists because we lack perfect knowledge. Suffering exists because people dwell upon a moment rather than THE moment.
    The first is the response to CS Lewis’ Problem with Pain. The second is my opinion…!

  12. Steel T. Post
    That’s enough. You’re not going to use this comment section to regurgitate retardery. You are not banned from the site but your comments on religion and Christianity are unwelcome here. They are counter-productive. In fact they are actively destructive.
    On top of that they are grossly ignorant.

  13. 1 Cor. 5:17 If any man be IN Christ Jesus, he is a new creature. Eph. 2:8 For by Grace are ye saved through Faith…
    1 Cor. 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Unless you are born of the Spirit of God, you are not his Child. Therefore you cannot know the things of God.
    But to the main topic: The devil is the prince of this world. He rules only where there are men who are not saved and in the family of God. He does not rule in the Church nor in anyone who is in Christ. Unless allowed to by that person or by the Church. We are to “give no place to the devil” and we are treat him in this manner, “whom resist steadfast in the faith” “resist the devil and he will flee from you.”
    When the church is weak, doesn’t know the Word of God, sins without repenting, and doesn’t fulfill the commands of Jesus, then the devil can gain the upper hand. If we as the Church will be in practical living what the Word of God declares we are and who we are, then the devil is hindered. That’s why the Anti-Christ can only be revealed after we are taken out of the way; because we ‘let’ (hinder) him at every turn.
    Jesus Is Lord!!!

  14. Thank you,
    Like Elijah, it’s encouraging to find out you are not alone.
    Light your light, put it on the stand, be aware that it paints a target on your back, and know that the enemy can do nothing to your eternal soul but can make this life hell.

    • One of our major goals is to be an encouragement to all those men out there that thought they were alone. On the contrary, we are many, but often isolated. This is a place for us to join together and work together (not just talk about it).
      The authors, editors, and admin on this site have been actively engaged in the real world, taking this fight to the enemy, but realized that there are many others who do not have such a supportive group. We hope to change that, and give everyone with these goals a place to come, belong, learn, contribute, and win.

    • We are never alone if we are Christian. Though of course… it can get pretty dark indeed.
      Connect here, keep reading and commenting. This is not just a blog. In due course it will evolve into more, and we will need like-minded men to help save western civilisation, rebuilding Christendom, the family, and walled city-states of need be, to bring about a much needed change.

  15. Thank you. Clearly said and strongly defended. What are we here for if not to stand with our brothers in belief against the principalities and powers of this world until He comes to cleanse it – with fire this time.
    FYI – I tried to look up sede-privationism in InfoGalactic and came up empty. Might be worth making an entry for it happen if it’s truly not there.

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