This painting is one of seven at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark. This painting depicts a lecture in a knight academy on “Rhetorics.”

Rhetoric Always Wins

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I’m not going to expound on why rhetoric always wins. Go visit Vox Day’s blog and search for “rhetoric.”

You know what, I’ll do it for you. Vox Day on Rhetoric

If you want to know why rhetoric always wins, read Vox’s posts. You can also read about rhetoric on

Here’s some good rhetoric a friend shared.

Mmm … that hits all the right spots. I immediately shared it on my social media.

Always share good rhetoric with your normie friends. If you are having a conversation with a normie, mention things like the riots if you can.

“Man, I can’t believe all those Democrats are are burning down cities. I can’t believe those mayors are letting chaos reign.”

Or maybe, “Yeah, I’ve been watching videos of the riots. It looks like a lot of communists who hate America.”

The goal is to associate Democrats and the Left with chaos, but don’t argue.

If you have a normie friend that supports the riots and BLM, and they want to argue and try to defend those commies, shut them down. Say, “Hey, I don’t want to argue. I was just making an observation. Let’s agree to disagree.”

If you have a normie friend who says something like, “Those aren’t Democrats,” or “How do you know they’re Democrats?” say, “Well, they’re not Republicans; they’re not people who love America.”

But never argue and never apologize.

You can’t debate people into changing their minds, especially if they are emotionally invested in a belief. You have to prick their emotions. Good rhetoric can do that. You have prick their emotions and let them stew in their cognitive dissonance.

We’re in a cultural civil war. Know your enemy and fight.

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


  1. How do you know they’re democrats?
    The lack of personal hygiene
    The spindly arms
    The smell
    The soy
    The lack of perception
    The absence of reason
    The low IQ
    The funny clothes
    The fabulous makeup

    Make association with that group emotionally painful. Pain is the best teacher.

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