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By the time this article is published, France will have started deciding the future of their country. The islamization of France is almost complete; this will be France’s last opportunity to peacefully expel the Saracen raiders. A French coworker will be voting in Sunday’s election, and I’ve spend the better half of two weeks talking to him at length about his vote, and the future of France.
“Pierre”, as we’ll call him here, emigrated 4 years ago from Avignon, and has rapidly assimilated. He’s taken English lessons, has made friends that solely speak English and returned to his Christian roots. He’s had both of his children baptized, and attends a church service regularly. He’s managed to pass all of his industry certifications in English. His children will be schooled in English.
When I first met Pierre, his reasons for moving, he told me were all financial. He explained that our industry didn’t pay well in France, and that he wanted to see the world. Our relationship changed, when I let him know that I could speak French; he was more comfortable and began to open up. Eventually, I asked him about the Bataclan attacks. His demeanor changed immediately, and he revealed that the actual reason he left France was Muslim immigration. He began to recount stories of being beaten by Algerian teen gangs. Of course, he fought back, but he spent much of his youth brawling with Muslim hordes. The anger he expressed was real.
I asked why he didn’t stay and try and save his country. And after telling him that he was a cheese eating surrender monkey, he explained that it was too late. The will wasn’t there. It was perception. Among the blue collar, and rural people, Le Pen and the National Front were popular. The caveat here was this popularity was behind closed doors. He explained it was an intellectual faux pas to publically admit your support for Le Pen. His father, a long time Jean-Marie Le Pen supporter would call Pierre every time there was another terrorist attack. He explained it would quickly turn into another argument. He didn’t want to hear about the destruction of his country.
I continued to hammer on his indifference. I explained that if leaders like Le Pen weren’t elected and allowed to make peaceful changes, and deport Muslims, that true ultra-nationalist would begin to take over. The ultra-nationalists would have no mercy. They would not deport, but murder. They would have no mercy. If the people aren’t given an opportunity to regain their country via peaceful means, that they would take it back. He would retort with statements like, “Not all Muslims are like that”. This was in spite of his own childhood battles. I explained that Islam is a political system. That yes, of course, there were good, peaceful Muslims, but overall when the political system of Islam is installed, those same good, peaceful Muslims will fall silent and obey.
Eventually, I broke through and he said that he felt there was no other choice but to vote for Le Pen. French culture was not compatible with a repressive theocratic political system. Now, he said, I must try to convince my wife. Like the election of Donald Trump, it will be up to women to vote for the candidate that will ensure that they continue to enjoy the freedoms that Christianity and western civilization provide.
Ultimately, Le Pen is not the long term answer to this invasion. The secularism that arose out of the French Revolution has made them ripe for islamization. France’s long history of socialism, communism, and post-modernism has poisoned their culture. Philosophers like Derrida and Foucault were the intellectual pioneers of identity politics. It’s only a return to Christ and Christianity that will deliver France from the hand of the Mohammedan.


  1. It’s only a return to Christ and Christianity that will deliver France from the hand of the Mohammedan.
    I agree. You do not fight bad theology with no theology, but good theology. A secular West does not have the tools necessary to win this battle.

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